Not new to Fitness Pal but new to community

Greetings and going to give this community thing a try. While I am not new to my fitness pal I am new to doing to doing these "community things". My first inclination in all things is to fully embrace my introvert side, closely followed by divorced mom guilt meaning I put everything before myself.

I have yoyo'd back to a weight I swore 10 years ago I would never see and I am staring at it on the scale. Soo time for some accountability to take care of myself before health problems kick in. At 42 my doctor has frankly told me to drop the weight and get on a regular exercise program before high blood pressure and diabetes type 2 become a reality. I am high risk because of weight, gestational diabetes, and genetics. I also swear I have a carbohydrate gene. I love them and they love my hips and backside.


  • leopardeyes72
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    That is weird my doctor told me the same thing lol I am 43 I got to get in better shape lol
  • Hi there...I'm 35, a mom of two and a therapist. My doc told me the same thing last month at my annual physical. Cholesterol is officially over 200 and I need to drop 20-30 pounds to be at a healthy body weight. I haven't dieted in a decade: what are you guys doing in terms of programs/diets?
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    Hello I am 43 years old and I am on 3 blood pressure medications and if I keep on I'll be on 4.
    So I encourage you all to listen listen listen to your doctors. Don't be a statistic. It's easier to do a prevention. Meaning do what you have to do to not get on the medication. That's easier than on meds trying to get off. Learn from me please.
    I encourage to do everything in your power to get healthy for yourself first and your family second. Don't shorten your life.
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    So I don't Like the term diet anymore I have yoyo'd so much from diets that I have concluded I need a lifestyle change that includes eating. I do try to follow some principals, for example clean eating, processed foods have so much sodium!!!! I will share my cholesterol was in not so good levels. I actually do two things now, one I do take a quality fish oil supplement and two have a tablespoon of either flax seeds or chia I haven't had a problem since. In my mind this is working, at work we do biometric screenings yearly, the only time my levels shot back up was when I stopped taking the fish oil. Do some research on your supplements it does make a difference. Secondly, I just recently got back to really committing to getting healthier and this week so far has been very motivating. I pretty much have designed my meals around the recommended percentages from fitness pal and focused on making healthier carb and fat choices. Something just seems better about fat from an egg yoke verses fat from candy.