Is your skin tight after losing 100 pounds?

How did you do it? Besides surgery, and exercise? Any tips?


  • minniemoo1972
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    Genetics.....if you haven't got the genes you're going to have some degree of loose skin...pills, potions,wraps etc won't work.
  • shadow2soul
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    75% yes...25% no
    Basically I do have loose skin on my abdomen, when standing it hangs low enough that I can easily hide it in bikini bottoms, jeans, etc. When I'm in a plank though you can see that it actually starts around my belly button and extends to my c-section scar. I also have some loose skin in the boob area. Other than that though the rest of my skin has tightened up fairly well.
    I don't know if my skin will ever fully adjust back or if I will need a tummy tuck. I'm just doing the wait and see what happens right now. Trying to focus on other things like leaning out a bit more before starting a bulk to add some muscle.

    I have pictures of my loose skin on page 2 of my thread if you want to have a look:

    I didn't do anything to try and prevent loose skin. It honestly wasn't a concern of mine when I started losing weight. So for me it's just a genetics.
  • Moonlitriver17
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    You look great and I don't see any loose skin! You're an inspiration! Thanks!
  • MissusMoon
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    I'm down 63 and some stuff is loose. Some of it is because the fat is loose, but I know I'm going to have issues. That skin won't bother me nearly as much as the previous lack of energy, pain in my joints, and poor quality of life I had before!
  • JenLosesIt
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    100lbs lost here and some places tightened more then I thought others...not at all :(
  • amusedmonkey
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    90 pounds down so far and I can see lots of evidence for loose skin. I have a long way to go still so I can't really judge yet because the skin is still filled with plenty of fat. It's not as big of a problem as you imagine it to be. Loose skin is often lightweight and more comfortable than fat. It's also easy to hide and tuck in in most places. People often imagine the worst but when it's time to cross that bridge it's often not as bad as we thought and pretty easy to get used to.
  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
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    Ah, no. I've lost around 150 lbs though and been maintaining for two years. I have loose skin on stomach, upper arms, legs. It has tightened a bit since maintaining but it's not great. Still, I can tuck it in and I'd rather have it than be 329 lbs still.
  • hedgiie
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    I'm guessing that age can be a factor too, if your 5 years old then lose 100 maybe by 20 years old your skin will adjust like a compression shirt
  • Mapalicious
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    I've lost 125 lbs (5'10" female) and I have loose skin and lots of stretch marks. I've kept off the weight for 6+ years.

    The stretch marks are on my tummy, inner thighs, the whole inside of my arms down to my elbow, all down my side from my armpit to my hips, on my breasts, and my upper calves. They're everywhere.

    The only place you see looseness and a bit of sagging is on my tummy, especially my little pooch (nope, no babies, just a giant fat baby), my upper arms, and my inner thighs, and my boobs sag a little more than they might otherwise.

    Two things have helped:
    1. CIRCUIT TRAINING and weights. Having toned arms, STRONG thighs, and a muscular core has changed things tremendously. I can't emphasize enough how much more confident I am now that I am strong. I'm still not "skinny" (BMI in the upper-normal range) but I am buff, and you can tell, and I love it. It's changed how much things 'Jiggle" A LOT!
    2. Learn how to dress for your body. I have one brand of thongs that holds in my lower tummy perfectly. I wear lots of 1/2 sleeves but I'm not afraid to wear spaghetti straps because f haters and I have one life to love.
  • starling01
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    I lost about 80 pounds and I'm 64 and currently weigh 115. I don't have any hanging skin anywhere and I don't see any stretch marks that weren't already there from having kids, but my entire body looks like it's in a silk skin suit about a quarter size too big. Some of that is age - I'm not sure gaining back the weight (which I won't do) would help. It's a bit depressing but so is getting old. I'm shrugging it off.
  • dragon_girl26
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    I'm down 83 lbs, from 241lbs to 158, and I see a little loose skin under my arms, which I hope to eventually fill out with some muscle. Definitely have something going on with my abs, too, though I'm not yet sure if it's just fat and losing more weight will help, or if it's loose skin and I'll just have to deal with it.
  • Francl27
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    It's genetics. My skin's a mess... I lost 80 pounds when I was 34/35, been maintaining for 2 years and it's not better one bit. I was overweight/obese most of my life though. I have stretch marks too, which makes the loose skin worse, honestly, from when I regained weight too fast after losing it too fast when I was 20.