Women over 200 lbs

Just wondering what your jean size is. I'm currently at 229 and a size 24. I feel like a lot of women around the same weight use jeans that are way smaller so it's mostly out of curiosity. :)


  • Gena575
    Gena575 Posts: 224 Member
    I'm 227 and just moved to a size 16. But I'm 5'5 and carry my weight in my top half.
  • kristysaurus
    kristysaurus Posts: 91 Member
    Height and how your weight is distributed over your body is going to be a big factor for clothing size

    I'm 5'9" , 255 size 16 right now. Sometimes 14 or 18 depending on the brand
  • mysticatgal1
    mysticatgal1 Posts: 106 Member
    I'm 5'5, 215 and in size 18 right now. Last time I was this weight I was easily a 16 but I had one other kid since and pants don't fit the same since. Doing strength and cardio in hopes of getting pants down a bit quicker
  • redhairedgoddess1
    redhairedgoddess1 Posts: 14 Member
    First off, I have no idea what I'm doing.. First time on here... I'm 5'1 and 228, size 16-18... Started at 243... That was 45 days ago I think ... I'm stuck and can't seem to shake anymore weight...
  • sarahthes
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    I'm 5'4", ~224 lbs and just starting to squeeze into size 16. I'm all stomach so I tend to suddenly drop sizes once my waist hits a tipping point. But way before that my clothes get way too loose everywhere else.
  • hmurdough1
    hmurdough1 Posts: 2 Member
    My body is weird. I'm @256lbs and 5'4 but I'm in size 12-14 I don't have a large stomach it's actually quite flat. but the rear end is... Huge... Ha, I have a hard time finding jeans that will go over my butt. And when I do they're way to big for my stomach so I usually just wear yoga pants lol
  • redhairedgoddess1
    redhairedgoddess1 Posts: 14 Member
    I'm allllll butt and BOOBS
  • Moxie42
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    I'm 5'4". I started my weight loss journey at 211 wearing a tight size 16. Now I'm 195 and still wearing a size 16 but much more comfortably. I tend to stay relatively proportional when I gain/lose weight though, which is mostly a good thing, but I do feel like it takes longer for changes to be visible and for sizes to go down.
  • azwyatt
    azwyatt Posts: 8 Member
    I'm 229 5'8 and a size 18-20 depending on the brand.
  • Cyndiaquino
    Cyndiaquino Posts: 72 Member
    I'm 5'6. Before I lost weight, I was at 215 lb. I was in a 14/16 US jean size.
  • ericaconti
    ericaconti Posts: 72 Member
    When I started, I was 275-ish and wore a 24w. I'm 5'7.
  • spring913
    spring913 Posts: 158 Member
    I was 260 and wore a 20-22. Now I'm 235 and solidly in an 18. I can't wait for size 16!!!
  • kalm3
    kalm3 Posts: 67 Member
    211 currently stuffing into 14's lol started at 223 in a size 16
  • Hispanicprincess
    Hispanicprincess Posts: 53 Member
    I am 285lbs and 5'8 and wear a size 20 sometimes 18 depending on the brand. When I lost 50lbs 7 years ago I was 230 and wore a size 14/15. Wish I could go back to that. I am very top heavy large stomach and boobs, but very slim legs and thighs.
  • KittyKatCA
    KittyKatCA Posts: 6 Member
    Hi I'm 257, 5'9 and Wear a size 18. I just had a 2nd baby so most of my weight is in my legs and stomach.
  • GroovyVicks
    GroovyVicks Posts: 3 Member
    HI there, I'm 5"4 and 243 (17st3). Depending on the shop, I'm between an 18 and a 22. All seems to be belly and boobs for me!
  • alexialmann
    alexialmann Posts: 36 Member
    I'm 232 and in a size 16, but I am pretty tall.