Small Group of Serious Women Looking For a Few More Ladies

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This is a ladies only group. We encourage each other, use a points game that helps us stay accountable, and weekly challenges to keep it fresh. Here are the rules and what we do in the group. We would love to have some more ladies join us!! Send me a private message and I'll send you a group invitation. Thanks.

Rules for conduct and rules of the game.


1. Be kind
2. Be honest
3. Be encouraging
4. Participate, if you don't participate for a while (without a reason: vacation, sickness, ect) we have the option of asking you to leave. We ask that you mention to the group if you'll be out for a while.
5. No curse words



We earn points daily and weekly. There are daily chores to be done on here to earn up to 70 points per week/10 pts per day. Then there will be challenges weekly that you can earn 30 points for. I will tally the points at the end of the week and post the points for everyone and the winner gets bragging rights. The points we earn are this:
Food: if we stay within our calorie range we get 3 pts
Exercise: if we exercise for 30 minutes or more a day (or how many days a week you choose beforehand) we get 3 pts
Water: if we drink 64 oz of water a day we get 2 pts
Thread: if we post on the thread AND comment on someone else's post we get 1 pt
Post: if we post our points each day or before midnight the following day we get 1 pt
Your points posting would look like this:

Food 3
Exercise 3
Water 2
Thread 1
Post 1
Total 10

If you don't make points in any certain area, just put a 0. Like this:

Food 3
Exercise 0
Water 2
Thread 0
Post 0
Total 5


We weigh in on Monday morning and need to post starting weight and current weight on the Weigh In thread.

Weekly challenge points will need to be reported on Mondays before midnight for you to get credit for them. Challenge points are 30 or 0. Every Sunday there will be a new challenge issued for the week.

I will post weekly game point totals and weigh in's for everyone for the week.

Your exercise schedule and eating plan are your own. So when I say 30 minutes of exercise a day or staying within your may have a different eating plan or may not be able to workout for 30 minutes a day yet...that's ok just let us know your goals.

Daily and weekly points are posted on the thread called "Game Starts Here"
Chatting with each other is on the thread called "Official Group Chat"
Weekly Challenges are posted on the thread called "Weekly Challenge"
Weekly weigh ins are posted on the thread called "Weigh in"
Simple right???

We're very serious about losing weight!!! Hope you'll join us!!