I waited a year to get to post this.



  • novio50
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    continue working hard and motivating others
  • KiyaK
    KiyaK Posts: 520 Member
    You are amazing!! What huge progress. You should be incredibly proud of yourself
  • JustChristy79
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  • treehugnmama
    treehugnmama Posts: 816 Member
    Amazing....great job and so inspired by it. Thanks ks for sharing
  • rebel_26
    rebel_26 Posts: 1,826 Member
    Great work. Keep it going. Post progress ! these types of posts are motivational for all regardless of their current stats.
  • Bedg
    Bedg Posts: 32 Member
    Yes!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. I look forward to more success updates from you!
  • cathipa
    cathipa Posts: 2,992 Member
    Amazing job! Can't wait to see next year's pics!!!
  • BiggDaddy58
    BiggDaddy58 Posts: 406 Member
    Congrats to year!!!! Keep up your new you!!
  • Gymgrl421
    Gymgrl421 Posts: 26 Member
    Amazing!! Keep up the great work!
  • lapierrecyclist
    lapierrecyclist Posts: 153 Member
    Congratulations, you've been working hard! Nice loss, and what a great celebration for your 1-year-anniversary. Looking forward to reading more updates on your success story!
  • solieco1
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    What a fantastic success! Can't wait to see your next update!
  • mjpbgtd
    mjpbgtd Posts: 115 Member
    Woah! That's awesome. Nice job!
  • llbrixon
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    Awesome job!