150lbs (ish) goal

Hi guys... I started in January this year and am down about 52 lbs but after a 2 month plateau I'm ready to restart and get to my goal for Xmas! Please feel free to add me as I haven't figured out how to add others and would love to have some more friends on here :) xxx


  • umiquet
    umiquet Posts: 69 Member
    congrats on the progress!!! I will shoot you an invite, I am just starting my journey so I could definitely use more friends as well!
  • cbstig
    cbstig Posts: 17 Member
    Great start and you can get going again after plateau! Going to invite
  • velostervixen
    velostervixen Posts: 6 Member
    I've just gotten started with MFP. A couple of years ago, I got within 12 lbs of my goal using the Lose It app, and then I let life get in the way.