36 and in hysterectomy induced menopause HELP!!


I'm a mum of 3, 10 weeks post hysterectomy and to my horror I seem to have gained a huge amount of weight. I really need to get fit and healthy and would love to connect with anyone who can offer any guidance or words of encouragement.

I promise to do the same. I seem to be very good at helping others but fall down when it comes to myself!


  • KLangleydoula
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    Hi! I am a mom too. I would love to connect. Feel free to add me.
  • kazzykazz75
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    Me to two years ago now hot flasher mood swings am takeing red clover and menopace and am doing good with out hrt .well trying still get menopause meltdown some times but have been race walking 6days a week and it helps .need to lose 23lb of the summer and for me .keep your chin up .
  • Phrick
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    hysterectomy and the ensuing hormone chaos can definitely do a number on metabolism, appetite, cravings, and the like! I will be your friend if you like. I log in every day, and I am encouraging (but I'm also bluntly honest when a friend is messing up!), and I don't log food here any longer, having switched to a different tracking program - but if you are OK with that feel free to send a request. I won't say no.
  • debbiesmallVEGAN
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    I am having hysterectomy nxt month. Looking for positive motivated friends
  • olong
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    48, no hysterectomy, but learning to live with hot flashes, mood swings and a changing metabolism that doesn't act/react as it once used to, requiring me to unpuzzle my body all over again. I log daily and have for the past 4 plus years. Initial weight loss was much easier than maintenance when peri-menopause arrived. All of you should feel welcome to send a friend request.
  • skertz
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    Hi! I am 36 this month, Mummy to 2 and 1 week post-op frim having a total abdominal hysterectomy! They took everything except my right ovary. Feel free to add me, I could lend support and knowledge...and might need some too at some point! :)
  • sagastumesn
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    Hi I'm 32 & had a total hysterectomy one year ago give yourself Time. At 10 weeks I felt like garbage now I'm officially one year out and feel fantastic! Whole foods and exercise (that you can tolerate) will definitely help boost your mood and energy level.I've had an issue with the scar tissue really hurting when I first started to exercise but it's getting better good luck