What age did you start struggling with weight?

I'm curious how old everyone else was when they started struggling with their weight?

I remember getting weighed and measured for skiing on grade 7 I was 107 lbs at 5'7. Grade 9 I was 183 lbs. I've gained and lost weight a couple times over the years but have been 190+ lbs for the past 22 years. Scary to think about actually.


  • SCoil123
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    25 when I was pregnant, I gained over 80lb. I struggled with body image and an eating disorder starting at age 10 but I had never actually been overweight before.
  • daniip_la
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    I've been overweight since I was a toddler. I grew up with a lot of hormone problems (though they might have attributed to my being 6'0", so I'm not going to complain). I've actually never been a normal size, ever, and I'm nearly 27.

    I didn't care about my weight until I was in my late teens, though. Things probably would have been better if my parents had given some concern over my size, but I'm also glad that I was a child that didn't have body image issues.
  • rankinsect
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    For me it was sometime between age 7 and 9. Maybe I could dig up my old school yearbooks to see the transition from extremely skinny young me to obese older me.
  • sandflower81
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    25 which was when I started working full time and trying to be an adult. Smh
  • DKG28
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    I was born very premature. The Docs instructions were to feed me as much as I would eat. By the time I was a toddler I was chubby, and used to eating all I could. I was always overweight from then on despite active lifestyle and healthy nutritious diet. I had to sit at the same dinner table as my underweight sister, and when she was urged to eat more, I was urged to eat less. So, pretty much always overweight.
  • Lounmoun
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    Since I was 25-26 years old.
  • CharlieBeansmomTracey
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    I started gaining weight in my late 20s. before that I was a healthy weight even after I had my kids.I also stopped taking an asthma medicine in my late 20s(theophylline) and thats when the weight gain started,there was no change in my diet either so IM thinking that for some reason it kept my TDEE at a higher number compared to when I stopped taking it.
  • mariahgab95
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    Around 10 years old, I gained a lot of weight. I actually weigh less at 21 (current age) than I did when I was 12. At 12, I weighed 170 lbs. I realized this was unhealthy, so I started trying to lose weight around that time with the help of my mom. However, I developed a mild eating disorder that I didn't really start overcoming til I was 18. At 18, I weighed 117 lbs, which was very underweight for me. I gained a lot of weight when I started college in 2013, slowly getting up to 170 lbs again by 2015. I took a fitness class at my college that year and lost 10 lbs that semester. Now, I'm just trying to be healthy, get fit again and have a good attitude about food and my body.
  • FrothyGibblets
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    Since birth pretty much. Overweight parents with poor eating habits lead to overweight children and ultimately adults with poor eating habits.

    I'm not sure if it feels worse to be overweight for someone who's always been that way, or someone that used to be average/thin.
  • jemhh
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    Mid-20s. First management job w/lots of overtime and mental exhaustion. I became much more sedentary. Overtime w/out management responsibilities is less exhausting lol. It was kind of downhill w/some yo-yoing back up until I hit 37 and pulled it together again.
  • ponycyndi
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    Since I hit puberty, at age 11.

    My weight skyrocketed for years, with small bouts of me trying to diet and exercise until I tried 17, lost some weight. Then I got married, got a desk job, had three kids, and was back to my highest weight in 2012 after having my third child. It's the same weight I was at 16.

    I'm aiming for an all time low weight near mid-bmi range for my height, another 10lbs or so.
  • ouryve
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    In my early 20s. Was u derweight as a teen and took for granted being able to stuff my face.
  • leslienicole318
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    I was always super tiny as a kid (60 pounds at 5 feet fall in 5th grade). I was 5'4 and 105 pounds at the end of 7th grade. 5'4 and 120 pounds at the end of 8th grade. 5'4 and 140 pounds at the end of 9th grade. Stayed near 145 through 10th grade. 5'4 and nearly 170 pounds halfway through 11th grade. Lost down to 150 in 12th grade at 5'5. Now I've graduated and trying to lose weight. Honestly I'm not sure why I gained weight because I didn't eat much and played sports. It wasn't muscle either, I got a little belly and chubby arms/legs :(
  • Savyna
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    Since around 16/17. My doctor told me I was trending towards the morbidly obese side of life putting myself in a lot of health risks. I lost about 30-40 pounds to hover around 170. And then forgot about it as I began university. 3 years into it I ended up looking at a full body picture of myself and was like oh wow, I should do something (I looked pretty chubby). I lost weight again (got to 185, then my weight loss stalled and I got frustrated and stopped using MFP, gained the weight back and hovered around 205-210). So now I'm back again at 26 and hoping to make a more permanent change and to learn to keep the weight off. I learned a lot though about nutrition and that I don't have to make drastic caloric deficits to lose weight, so I'm happier and things are much easier.
  • cbstewart88
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    When I hit about 50 or so...not sure whether menopause played a part, but mainly because I stopped exercising (running, biking), but ate the same amount of food as I always had. Before I knew it - BAM - 35+ pounds!! Finally enrolled in yoga class which helped with my mindset and gave me the encouragement and motivation to drop some weight...but I realized I also had to reduce my intake. So here I am :) 22 gone...15 to go...
  • samchez0
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    I was probably on the high side of healthy weight in high school but still looked ok (although at the time I was sure I was fat). I didn't really start gaining until I had my first kid at 20. After that I just kept steadily getting larger and larger.
  • RoseTheWarrior
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    Mostly after I got pregnant the first time. I was always a bit on the bigger side, got teased a lot in school mostly because at that time no one was overweight in school. But looking back I was not huge or anything. When I got pregnant with my first, I thought I should start eating healthier, so I actually started to lose weight. At about 3 months along, my doctor said if I kept losing weight he would put me in the hospital! So, my brain heard "eat everything". In the last 6 months of pregnancy I gained SIXTY pounds. Ever since then I've struggled. Later found I had an under-active thyroid. Anyway, I was 22 when I had my first child. I'm now 47 and this is the 2nd time I'm losing a lot of weight, but I know it will be the last time because I've really learned a lot about healthy eating and healthy thought processes at this point.
  • arditarose
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    Since I was a kid. I remember weighing 80-100lbs when everyone weighed less. By 6th grade I was probably 155lbs. I stayed between 155-180 from there until 30. I'm 5'4" so I was never slim. I wore bigger clothes in middle school than I do now.