5"5 girlies. What's your weight goals?

Hello to my fellow 5"5ers! I'm 25 and weight 10st 6lbs. My goal is to get down to 9 stone. I would say I have a wide frame (broad shoulders, wide hips). I'm eating 1480 cal a day sometimes under/over. In the past i have lost weight way to quick by practically starving myself! (I lost 3 stone in just under a year, then piled 2 stone back on in 6 months!) This time im slowing down and learning to be patient, paying more attention to my body and what it needs. Then it will be the mental challenge of maintaining my weight and sticking to healthy food choices but with the obvious treat ofcourse. What's your story? Where are you at in your journey? x


  • st476
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    I'm around 5'4.5, but I was 150 pounds in January when I started a diet but it only lasted maybe 2 weeks. Then I decided to try again in May and I was magically down to 140. I have no idea how I lost 10 pounds because my eating habits didn't change (or so I thought) but who knows, it was a good push. Since May I've lost around 10-12 pounds, depending on the day lol. I'm around 128/129 now and trying to get down to 120 as my first goal then 115 (only because in maintenance I know my weight will fluctuate around 5 pounds and I'd rathe be 115-120 instead of 120-125) :)
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    I'm 5'5 - I've been 138-208 and everywhere in between!!! (am 48 yrs old)

    My current goal is 160, I think I looked too thin in the 140's and it was difficult to sustain (I really like food, and don't have time to run 5 miles 5 times a week - which is what I needed to do)z

    This time at MFP I am currently 182.8 (started at 196 in May - so it's a slow comfortable loss so far, but very regular) :)

    At 160 I should be about a size 10 and should be able to sustain it with mostly walking 30-60 minutes a day for exercise (very feasible for me)- if I find time to run (which I do once or twice a week now, but only about 2 miles) Then it's like bonus calories to earn an extra treat!
  • Enjcg5
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    Im 37yrs old. 5'5" at 152. Goal is 135. Highest non pregnancy weight is 168.
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    I'm 33 yrs old, 5' 5 1/2". I'm thinking somewhere around 130-140, maybe a little higher. Depends how much of my lean body mass I keep maintaining, as this time around I think I started weight lifting earlier in the weight loss process. Started around 190ish I think, currently 165. Losing weight slow and steady, but also seeing that lovely shape and definition emerging from the strength training!

    I love to eat, but it also helps that I actually enjoy exercising, so I love the Zumba classes I take, and the weight lifting, and I'm totally addicted to running, lol.
  • fr33sia12
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    I'm 5'5" started on here weighing 211lb in April, I'm now at 186lb trying to get to 154lb. In my 20's (I'm now 43) I got down to 126lb but was too thin then and unable to sustain it without starving myself. I know at 11 stone I can maintain that and be happy with that weight.
  • emjam99
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    5'5 my goal is 125-130 pounds and now I'm 135 :) good luck!
  • WendyLaubach
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    9 stone is 126 lbs., right? That seems pretty reasonable.

    I'm 5'5". When I weighed 115-120 lbs. in my youth I thought I looked fine, certainly not too skinny. I could have used more muscle tone, but I wasn't carrying any extra flesh. So that's my goal, though I'm 59 now and open to the news that my mid-20's weight won't be happening again. In the meantime, I'm down from 245 to 160 after 9 months of work and have no intention of stopping here. The ladies at church crack me up by worrying about me. I mean, please. No one at 160 lbs. is in danger of wasting away.
  • LisaKay91
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    My goal is 110-125lbs for being 5'5. I am like 100 pounds away from it, hah. Lost almost 50 so far
  • DanyellMcGinnis
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    I'm 38, 5'5", started MFP at 162.4, looking to get to 115-120 (at 130.8 at the moment). I have a very small frame. Was 106 maybe 10 years ago but that was underweight.
  • haviegirl
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    5'5", 53 years old. I'm at 140 now, and I look great (I've lost 35 pounds altogether). Aiming for 135 just for a little buffer. I've been lifting weights for seven months, and love my muscles. I wear a size 6 now, and some 4's. Size small in shirts.

    Also, photos of me taken in my 20's, when I weighed less than 120, show a skinny, bony person with no muscles or curves. I have no desire to look like that again.
  • arditarose
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    I'm a smidge under 5'5" and currently 137. I've been as high as 180, and I got down to 128 before purposely gaining weight back in order to get some muscle gains. I think I look pretty decent for 137 but I'd feel happiest at 133 or 18% body fat.
  • niniundlapin
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    I'm 5'5.5" and weighed 52.9 kg (about 116.4 lb) as of this morning (highest weight at this height was 61 kg/ 134 lb). My original goal weight was 118 lb and I had the thought of dropping it to 114-115 lb (around 52 kg), but having a lower BF% in that weight range will be a real challenge! I'm actually happy with my current weight and might go into recomp soon.
  • TavistockToad
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    Anything between 9- 9 and a half stone for me. Currently 9st 12 at the mo.
  • ganival
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    I'm 5' 5.5", HW 173 about 6 weeks ago after a bout of illness/injury and bed rest. I'm now about 165-166 after seriously buckling down with MFP 3-4 weeks ago. I'd be happy to be 155, but end point goal is to be in the 145 range which I was about 12 years ago after graduating university. And that was after putting on university weight of about 15-20 lbs.

    I have a medium build, wide shoulders, large/dense bones.

    My calorie goals are 1200 per day with no food group restrictions other than no/low sweeteners (real or artificial). i have a desk job and my only exercise is walking/steps (2500 per day) as I'm still injured and can't do high impact cardio.

    Feel free to add me, my food diary is open and i'd love to get a good supportive group together.
  • koslowkj
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    5'5", 24 years old. My heaviest was 180ish and my goal weight is 130 (9st 4lb according to the Google), then I'll reassess. I'm halfway there--current weight 155lb.
  • rlr5072
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    I'm 5'5" and am 29. My weight in my early 20s hovered around 135, and I gained my first 15 lbs when I began working at a desk job. In my early 20s I focused a lot on cardio and didn't really have any muscle tone going on, but I began lifting more heavily around this time and 150 actually looked pretty good! Fast forward 2-3 years and I got a promotion with a lot of free food from vendors that was always placed close to my desk. I have pretty decent will power, but it obviously wasn't strong enough and I was 167 at my heaviest.

    My goal was originally to make it back to 150, which I did achieve after about a year of slow and steady progress. I had tried to use myfitnesspal in the past along the way, but I think I had been too extreme and always ended up giving up. I think that being super accurate works well for some people, but I figured there was no harm in trying a relaxed logging approach and found that it was more manageable for me and I was really able to stick with it. This philosophy goes against what a lot of people follow here, but as long as the general trend was downward, I felt fine with the rate.

    I was satisfied with 150, but felt I could still lose another bit to make my muscles pop more and decided to reasses after reaching 145. I'm now there, and think I might try for 140 and reasses again. I'm happy with how I look currently, so it will again be a relaxed and lengthier approach then most people might go for, but this pace honestly suits me so much better! I'm set to lose .5 lbs a week at 1,440 a day or so, but I just use that as a guide and don't log as much now that I know what I need to do. I am fairly curvy still and am trying to maintain that look. I think taking it slow has helped since I amazingly didn't lose the two cup sizes I gained. It's kind of a balancing act near the end, I think.

    Best of luck on your journey! I know I benefitted from the slow and steady route, and hopefully that will work out well for you too!
  • leslienicole318
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    I'm 5'5. I started at 151 and am now 141. I want to get between 115-120 as I'm pretty small framed but also have curves
  • Dove0804
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    I'm very slightly under 5'5" (5'4.5" to be exact) and my goal is around 120 lbs. My highest was 260.
    Really, I have more of a goal range of ~120-125, to account for daily fluctuations.

    I really won't know until I get there, though. I don't know what I look/feel like at that weight, but in high school I was about 140-145 lbs and I definitely could have lost another 20 lbs or so without looking too thin. I have no desire to fall into the "underweight" area of the BMI scale (for 5'5" people, the 'normal' range is 111-149, but BMI is just a guideline only and not hard and fast). I may want to aim for 115, or I may feel better at 135. I just don't know!

    Chances are when I get to 120 I'll try to recomp for a while instead of trying to lose more if I'm still not quite content. I know I'll have quite a bit of loose skin at the point and may consider surgery.
  • Francl27
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    130 but I don't think it's going to happen, I'm just too hungry and don't do well on a restrictive diet... so I've been maintaining around 135. I have a large frame though.

    I did go down to 132 then turned into a hungry monster... lol.
  • VintageFeline
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    5'5, current weight 172, start weight 220. Goal somewhere in the 140s then reassess. I have a lot of lean mass though, I'm small for my weight, thanks to genetics (hourglass shape) and being an athlete and dancer in the past. Strength training from the start too and losing slowly in order to minimise lean mass loss. I am just on the brink of starting to lean out I think (about a large UK 12 currently for reference).

    Once I get to mid/high 140s I'm hoping to be happy enough to just do small cut and recomp.