Share your breakfast.

What was for breakfast today.


  • queenliz99
    queenliz99 Posts: 15,317 Member
    peach and a cup of coffee
  • PKM0515
    PKM0515 Posts: 2,495 Member
    White peach, 1/4 cup oatmeal with a splash of Skim Plus and cinnamon, tea
  • kommodevaran
    kommodevaran Posts: 17,890 Member
    2 crispbread with gomme and caviar spread, milk, carrot sticks, grapes; two slices of salami; peanuts, sesame seeds, honey.
  • No.
    Oh! Haha, thought you wanted me to share one of my biscuits.
  • adambrewington23
    adambrewington23 Posts: 18 Member
    I had 2 boiled eggs, two cheese sticks and a wheat tortilla.
  • Wolfena
    Wolfena Posts: 1,570 Member
    Same as most every other work day, an apple and a 24 ounce cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer
  • heartofplastic
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  • Brithicks
    Brithicks Posts: 148 Member
    trenta green tea with a pump of mango from starbucks. And cold medicine.
  • grinning_chick
    grinning_chick Posts: 765 Member
    2 large eggs scrambled with 0.70 oz whole milk cooked in 7 g butter
    1 Hillshire Turkey Polska Kielbasa link
    75 g blueberries
    1/8 recipe white peach buckle
    11 oz Twinings Irish Breakfast tea with 30 ml cream

    821 calories

  • Linzon
    Linzon Posts: 294 Member
    I actually took a photo of my breakfast today because while it was tasty it looks so sad. Not pictured: coffee.

  • JessHealthKick
    JessHealthKick Posts: 800 Member
    This new coconut bowl I made up the other day, just mix it up and leave it in the fridge overnight, keeps me full for 5-6 hours!
    100mL coconut milk
    50mL orange juice
    5-10g chia seeds
    30g oats
    5-10g desiccated coconut
    50g frozen mango

    It's absolute heaven <3
  • jla748
    jla748 Posts: 1 Member
    2 large eggs scrambled with baby spinach and lite shredded cheese.
    2 pieces Applewood Sunday bacon.
  • Bmoremama
    Bmoremama Posts: 84 Member
    Pina colada protein shake
  • minniestar55
    minniestar55 Posts: 346 Member
    Coffee, 125g egg white scrambled, 2 whole wheat toast, banana.
  • JC77721
    JC77721 Posts: 65 Member
    Protein milkshake, 2 little squares of dark chocolate, and a serving of Fiber One cereal. I almost alwas eat the same food for breakfast!