Comment if you are looking for motivation and friends



  • TXthunderstorm
    TXthunderstorm Posts: 15 Member
    Restarted for the umpteenth time, lol. Looking for new friends and support.
  • sweatingforthesoul
    sweatingforthesoul Posts: 60 Member
    Always looking for friends! i have a recent setback but i'm back on the wagon! Feel free to add me :)
  • bvanlom
    bvanlom Posts: 5 Member
    just hitting my 2 weeks! Add me! lets motivate!
  • fan_of_fit
    fan_of_fit Posts: 17 Member
    Always looking for some motivational friends!! Add me and keep me accountable :)
  • Tonetta_g
    Tonetta_g Posts: 9 Member
    Hello I'm from North Carolina. Starting again after a two year break. Looking for friends. Please feel free to add me
  • insagtlori
    insagtlori Posts: 11 Member
    Hi, just completed my 2 months here. Always, looking for new friends to motivate me.
  • mlo095
    mlo095 Posts: 4 Member
    I've been on MFP on and off for about 3 years. Now I'm on here for good and sticking to my new healthier lifestyle! Add me if you need motivation or encouragement!
  • Justme_1
    Justme_1 Posts: 104 Member
    New to this also. Add me for support or chat.
  • kwph
    kwph Posts: 7,375 Member
  • Fit4Life_62
    Fit4Life_62 Posts: 24 Member
    New here in my 1st week of using MFP. In Arizona and looking to add guy and gal friends here for motivation and accountability. Started a few weeks back at 6'2" 258 lbs. and a short-term goal of 240 lbs. Right now I'm at 250 and my longer term goal is to get back to my ideal weight of 210 lbs. Feel free to add me and let's share experiences, motivation and stories!
  • Fit4Life_62
    Fit4Life_62 Posts: 24 Member
    How do I add people?

    Click on the blue link of the person's name to get to their profile page, then click on the blue link with their name again... on the right of the next page you'll see the little person icon with a plus sign - click that to add / invite the person to your friend list. Hope that helps!
  • amberrea82
    amberrea82 Posts: 231 Member
    Always looking for more friends and support! Feel free to add me
  • raw_key
    raw_key Posts: 36 Member
    Trying to find find folks to keep me motivated and accountable. I've tried committing to a healthy lifestyle change but it is tough to do solo
  • Lisa6545
    Lisa6545 Posts: 3 Member
    I'm new to this too. I'm from Mass and started using my MFP this week. Feel free to add me.
  • samaralk86
    samaralk86 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone I'm Sam, new to this but I've had a weight problem my whole life. Hopefully this us the best help
  • savorlifejoy
    savorlifejoy Posts: 2 Member
    edited August 2016
    So far I love this app and it has motivated me to do better! I believe I'm 21 days in now. Please feel free to add me as well!
  • BiggDaddy58
    BiggDaddy58 Posts: 406 Member
    Anyone may add me as well..I found this site and have dropped 70 pounds in 5 months..

    I'll do my best to encourage you!

  • SugarFix83
    SugarFix83 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm new here! Looking for motivation, support and accountability.
  • Lisa1660
    Lisa1660 Posts: 37 Member
    Hello Everyone....Let's get motivated!!!
  • bellkat31
    bellkat31 Posts: 74 Member
    Anyone can feel free to add me I have a open diary log daily and will be as supportive and motivational as I know