Hard Time Staying Motivated

Hello everyone my name is Cassandra. I have this on again off again relationship with fitness, I can't seem to stay motivated. I've recently restarted it is my 3rd day exercising and eating healthy. If anyone has some tips and tricks on how to stay with it, I would love to hear.


  • queenliz99
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    Do something you love and do it everyday!! I love hiking and mountain biking and have never had a problem with motivation.
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    Im not one to talk really since I do no exercise outside of my job, but I think if you're anything like me, sticking to a good healthy diet will work. If you're eating well you're feeling better, and you'll probably want to go out and exercise just because life is good and you're healthy :) good luck
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    If you were REALLY motivated, you wouldn't have a hard time. If you're just doing exercise to lose weight, then you're doing it wrong. Exercise is for fitness and health. And if you really want to be fit, then you just do what it takes to be fit.
    If you're fighting it, then it's not really a priority in your life.

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    I second the decision to find a food plan and an exercise routine that you enjoy. No one has to eat unsatisfying food or endure unpleasant exercise. So many choices exist for food and movement. As for motivation, no one is motivated to continue anything that is not satisfying.
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    I've been in the same position as you. However, this time I've managed to stick to it! The key for me was to change only one thing at a time. In the past, whenever I tried to change both my diet and my exercise habits simultaneously I felt overwhelmed and gave up eventually. This time around, I started by counting calories only, then moved on to upping protein, then to adding more veggies etc. Then I turned my attention to fitness. At the moment I've decided to switch to taking the stairs instead of the lift - and that is all for now. Also, never let a set-back affect you. Its helpful to know that things to be a little up and down. That way you won't be disheartened if you unexpectedly gain a pound one week or miss a workout- which will happen. I agree with the previous posters too. Stick with it! Good luck! happy-049.gif
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    To add to what's been said already, persevere. The only way you fail is if you give up. Every time you get off track, get back on it asap. Make it a habit that you can't see yourself not doing. Keep on pushing through. It gets easier with time for most of us.
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    i think the easiest thing to do is to eat whatever you want but count calories. whenever i failed it was because i would want to lose 20 pounds a month.