Any October half marathoners?

I'm training for my second half marathon (... This race is actually a 26k or 16 miles.) I ran my first six years ago before the blessings of pregnancy and nursing (3 kiddos) and I'm finally ready for my next race. Firing up for my long run tomorrow of 13.2. Yikes!

Tell me your journey!


  • katharmonic
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    Hi there! I'm running my first half marathon in October!

    I started running about this time last year. I have run a few 5k races and an 8k, but I've been running with a training group for almost the last year. I started with a half marathon training group in April and am working up my mileage. My coach encourages training by time instead of miles, so my long run is now up to 1:45 - which I did for the first time today. I did 8.7 miles in that time, as I'm not a fast runner, but just working on being able to finish.

    I'm curious about you doing a long run of 13.2 already in your training? How often will you be doing runs that long? My understanding is that I'll peak out about 10-11 mile long runs before my half, not actually doing the full mileage. I know some people want to have done the full distance though.

    Good luck to you in your training and upcoming race! I'm getting nervous as mine is only 57 days away!
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    I did the full distance on mine about a month before the actual race. I had maxed out the plan I was on and just kept going. I was more comfortable before the race knowing I could do it, but the finish was less exciting for me because well I had already ran that far a few times before the race...
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    Great insight, jeepinshaw! My husband is going over the race distance for the same reason.

    Congrats on training for your first half, Kath! 8.7 miles is awesome! Sounds like you'll kill it in the two months you have left. Keep going!

    I'm a little ahead on my training plan. Heading into a busy season at work so it was my goal to get my half done early. The race I'm training for is 16 miles (around our local lake) so I think the longest run I'll do is 14 miles.

    13.2 was a personal goal as the furthest I've ever run. Despite some awful sleep (and some crazy barking dogs chasing me on my run!) I had a great run! I felt so proud. It's been so long and I've started training over and over without getting there.
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    I'm an October halfer too - my first. Weekly mileage is around 17 right now and will top at 22. My longest running so far was 8 miles last week and I've got a 9 this coming Saturday. Yikes.

    Im at the point of wondering why im doing this. Lol. Ive got a touch of runners knee and anything over 6 miles aggravates it. My body feels like it's in a perpetual state of being beat up and im recovering slower than usual. I just replaced my shoes and reduced my mileage last week to see if it helps... I've got one more rest week built into my schedule if I need it. And I prob will!

    Good luck with your trainings!
  • SwindonJogger
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    kent half marathon oct 16th. It has a lot of hills so i'm going to do a lot of hill training and tough interval training in preparation. This will be my 3rd half this year.
    half marathon training is a lot more manageable than a full marathon, i don't have the time to do the amount of mega miles that a full marathon requires each week.
    I'm currently doing around a 10-12mile long run at the weekend with 5 days of 4-6 milers.

  • MeanderingMammal
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    I've got Clarendon in March, I'm undecided about whether to do the Half or the Full. It was my first HM two years ago, and I've done the Half twice now, hence thinking about the Full, which would make it my third this year.

    I've done six HMs and one full, and half a Half this weekend followed by an Ultra the weekend after, then have another Half in December.

    They're all trail, so a bit easier on the system.
  • kgb6days
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    I'm doing a HM the first sunday in November - will that count? It's my 4th but I'm a little anxious about it anyway. I'm also signed up for my first full marathon in January....
  • MeanderingMammal
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    Clarendon in October I mean...
  • pondee629
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    Franklin Lakes N. J. September 25 Half Marathon, so, no I guess I'm not. Just jumping in anyway. Did my first 13 mile training run this last Saturday. Too hot, too humid but got the miles in. Walked the last mile and a half, survival instincts. Finished that 13 in 2:51. 13:08 average miles. I should be able to meet the 3:15 cut off on the race ;-)
  • LeanButNotMean44
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    My half is on 10/23. I have run several halfs and full marathons and am only doing this for fun, so I am running once per week (in addition to other forms of cardio). I already completed a 10 miler pretty easily, so I am certain that I will be able to go out and just have fun.
  • Philtex
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    I plan to run my third half in October. I am in week two of a ten week training program.
  • lemurcat12
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    I'm thinking of doing Detroit in October. Training for the Seattle Marathon in November and also have a long-term goal of doing one in every state (half or full) (not that far yet -- long-term goal, like I said!).
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    I'm considering but I'm in a poor training state. I've got a lot of work to do