Just wondering if your daily calories drop when you start to lose weight?

jibulley Posts: 9 Member
My boyfriend and I just started and I was curious to know if your calorie goals dropped with your weight. :)


  • NealNH
    NealNH Posts: 104 Member
    Yes they will but not always automatically.
    Under My Home select settings and in that list select "update diet/fitness profile".
    This is the page that has your starting weight, goal weight and so on. Just click on "update profile" and that will take care of adjusting your calories assuming your weight has changed.
    Of course you have to "check in" under my home and enter your current weight periodically to let MFP know it has changed.
    I only weigh myself once a week so when I do that I check in to report the change (good or bad) and then go update my profile.
    Best of luck on your journey together.