WW vs calorie counting

Looking for some feedback on weight watchers vs calorie counting. I am not sure which way to go. I always feel hungry on weight watchers...


  • amandacreates91
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    If you feel hungry on weight watchers then you'd be setting yourself up for failure. Try out counting calories for a while and compare it to you WW experience. You can always switch back!
  • chapiano
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    I tried them all, C/C is the only one that worked for me
  • tiptoethruthetulips
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    Do what is the most sustainable for you. Sustainable as in the long term and sustainable financially. If you need online support by way of forums, WW have now shut their messageboards down.

    What would be different about being hungry doing calories? Did you eat to WW points? Did you eat foods that generally keep you feeling satisfied/sustain you longer? Did you eat good fats? Get your fruit and veg? Did you eat back exercise points? All these factors are the same for calories

    If you haven't counted calories before give it a go, you can do it for free on MFP...give it a go for a month or so. You can then compare to WW.

  • kshama2001
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    I did WW in the 90s. While WW and MFP both have pros and cons, overall I prefer MFP.
  • alyssa0061
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    I did Weight Watchers from February until June of this year. The last two months I was using both WW and MFP and since the end of May I have been exclusively using MFP. I was miserable on WW. Not because I wad hungry, not because of any food I could or could not eat but because it hurt me everyday to support and give money to a company I despise completely on principle. Counting calories is easier, there's unlimited freedom and I feel good about using MFP.
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    Oh man, I wrote more after that but It got cut off!! Haha, well the general gist was that you can't eat back your activity points which makes you less motivated to exercise, and the app is crappy. They ruined WW!!
  • tekwriter
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    Hi I was a former WW. Have not tried the new program. I lost 44 with them and then 43 with MFP. I GAINED 60 back. Broken shoulder less activity and not watching what I eat. I like MFP the best. I have friends here to support me that I have had for years. My diary is open for accountability. It is free.
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    There is a fairly new MFB group called 'Guys on a Diet (GOAD)': http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/115013-guys-on-a-diet-goad

    GOAD is a spin-off from the WW community/boards that just shut down. Ask your question there and you will get the benefit of past and still active WW members. They will be glad to share their experiences. Don't let the group name fool you - guys and girl/guys are all welcome!
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    I asked on my FB about WW (and Slimming World in the UK) because I had some suspicions about them. I have used neither but have friends who faithfully return to both when needing to lose. WW (and SW) account for activity very poorly so if you are active or exercising a reasonable amount you will inevitably be undereating. For that reason alone I wouldn't do either, it's a recipe for a crash and burn. That and assigning points arbitrarily to some foods in order to demonise them really gets my back up.
  • healthy491
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    I dont exactly know what WW is , but I literally tried EVERYTHING and usually other methods made me feel miserable and hungry with little to no results. MFP is the only one that worked for me and I am now happier than ever with my weight :)
  • valerialeek
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    I've lost 25kg on ww over 7 months but I've also lost 15kg with mfp too.... And this is free
  • jdhcm2006
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    I did WW about 2 or 3 years ago, and it was fine, I ended up making my way to MFP b/c my promotion ended and I didn't want to pay any more money. I prefer MFP b/c to me it's easier to understand than points, but that's just me.
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    healthy491 wrote: »
    I dont exactly know what WW is , but I literally tried EVERYTHING and usually other methods made me feel miserable and hungry with little to no results. MFP is the only one that worked for me and I am now happier than ever with my weight :)

    WW is Weight Watchers.
  • heatherheyns
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    I did the old points plan and the points plus. I lost on both. I don't know about the new plan, though. I honestly loved the weekly meetings and accountability. That was huge for me, more than the plan was just knowing I was going every week and weighing in. I just couldn't justify the monthly fee for the meetings.

    I have thought about joining TOPS for that reason,just for the meetings, to fill that void.