add me up. join me on my journy

im here to inspire the uninspired. started my journy at 465 down to 404. need people to help me stay on track and work hard for a better life.


  • Ronicole1989
    Ronicole1989 Posts: 7 Member
    That's amazing! I could definitely use the help..I've tried this before but I find I get frustrated with myself easily and fall off the wagon.. I'm hoping this community chats/friends will help keep me motivated
  • Suz_8589
    Suz_8589 Posts: 146 Member
    You've got this!!!
  • jaydonsmom
    jaydonsmom Posts: 24 Member
    This is a great place for support. I've been on MFP awhile, but never joined the community. So, I would stop. But, this time I can tell a difference. I am on MFP a few times a day and reading from friends help to keep me active and in check.
  • taztyme2000
    taztyme2000 Posts: 8 Member
    How do you gets friend on here
  • jaydonsmom
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    edited August 2016
    There are threads here where people are asking for friends to add them. Also, you can post a thread asking for people to add you. To add a person as a friend that you might be interested in being friends with--click on that person's username. It takes you to a box with that person's picture. Above the picture. Click on the person's username again. Then click send a friend request (Add a Friend Button) When you send a request, you should include a message. Many members will not accept blank friend requests.

    I have sent you a friend request.