How do you balance life AND find time to eat?!?

How on earth do people find the time to sit down and eat a full meal? Days, I'm working full time. Nights are jam packed with 1000 things to do. Rush to cook dinner, rush to eat, bring kiddos to their sports practices/games, hw to check, baths, clean up, get ready for the next day, then, PHEW!, pass out. Then repeat the next day. I know when trying to gain, food needs to be your priority. But how can it be a priority when I've got work to do, kids to raise, & a home to take care of?!? My life consists of eating just enough to not be hungry (& this doesn't take much) & move on to my list of to-do's. How does everyone else do it???


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    Just my 2 cents, at least for breakfast. I use 2 scoops of epiq weight gainer with 2 cups of 2% hi-protein milk and add 2-4 tbsp of organic peanut butter and some ice. That's around 1200 calories. Takes literally 3 minutes to make and I just drink it while I'm getting ready or just chug it down. You won't feel full and sluggish because your body absorbs all that carb and protein rapidly because of overnight fasting so you'll feel energized and For me I hit 1/3 of my daily calories in 1 setting. P.s. I'm on a 3200 calorie intake if that helps. Hopefully that helps with breakfast at least.
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    Meal prep. Have food prepared to be eaten at regular intervals. It doesnt have to be a 3 course meal. Handful of nuts, muesli bar, some sort of deli meat, super easy and quick
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    Our diet and training program merely produces body adaptation according to nature's laws. And nature doesn't care how busy we are or what we think about anything.
    Nature just is.

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    I found it hard to gain. I knew it was because I didn't eat well. Work stress also led to a constant drop of my weight, wasn't sleeping very well. My sleeping patterns were terrible, and I was slow inactivity. I slept more often, didn't take the work stress over and over. I also ate more than two meals a day, where somedays I would have a meal or two the whole day. I gained about 13 pounds the past 3-4 weeks by eating more often intergrated with strength training.
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    Meal Prep...Usually I throw some sort of meat in my slow cooker before I go to chicken breast/tenderloin, beef roast, pork chops...ANYTHING on low and slow all day seasoned with just salt and pepper. Then make a meal with it: chicken enchiladas, chicken tacos, chicken fried rice, *kitten* on a shingle, quesadillas...Sometimes Sunday's I bake up pans of chicken thighs/drums..barbeque sauce, lemon pepper, ranch so nothing is the same..and then add in scoops of frozen veggies: I prefer frozen peas and sweet potatoes. At the end of the week, I use up all the meat that's left in a "mystery meat" kind of dinner...this last week I made enchiladas with the left over madness: It was part chicken thigh, chicken drumstick, and taco meat with chile verde sauce. Where there's a will, there's a way: make it work for you!
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    @ productionz3, I made a shake this am (one scoop). I've only had 1/2 so far, my stomach feels like its about to burst! ;)
    @ godwinjoseph1738, I'm sure not enough sleep is playing into this as well. There's been quite a few times I was too tired to even think about eating.
    Thanks for all of yall's advice and support! Let's see how long I can stick w this...
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    It's tough, but you've gotta do it. I agree with meal prepping. You need to streamline as much as possible. I have to get myself and my kid ready in the morning, work all day, and do all that stuff after work also. I've got processes in place so most of what we do is pretty much automatic now. Good luck!
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    I've simplified so that I'm eating a lot of the same things all the time. Saves time instead of trying to figure out what to eat. Also, being able to drink a portion of my calories makes it easier to get them down. I also keep appropriate snacks in the car so I can munch those on the go. I've made gaining weight a high priority because I know if I don't take care of myself I'll have a harder time taking care of my kids.
    Like you, I find it hard to sit down to a full meal. So I do a lot of 'grazing' throughout the day. That also keeps me from having that gross overfull feeling where I cannot get another bite down.
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    Sit on the sidelines of your kids sporting games and gorge yourself on your favourite pre-packaged junk food.