Shopping in the "Regular sized" stores

cheryldumais Posts: 1,907 Member
Okay so don't know if this post belongs in Success Stories but here we go...... I've lost 53 pounds. I have been overweight my whole life (I'll be 60 next month). I needed a dress for a wedding I am attending in a couple of weeks so I went shopping. Am I the only one afraid to go into the "regular" stores? I kept feeling like people would think I didn't belong there. I'm wearing a 14 so I decided to go to where I am comfortable (Toni Plus). Well there I got the what are YOU doing in here look, lol. That was trippy. I did finally find a dress but it's so weird to feel like home isn't home anymore.


  • RoseTheWarrior
    RoseTheWarrior Posts: 2,035 Member
    Personally I could not WAIT to get out of the plus size stores. I started in a 24W and am now in a 12 petite. I love love love clothes shopping in the mall now. I can buy stuff on sale! I can buy pretty stuff that doesn't look like a sack. Enjoy it!!! Never step foot in that plus size store again!
  • LindaGilpin59
    LindaGilpin59 Posts: 233 Member
    it is so confusing to know what size I should even look at. especially with the vanity sizing. I have lost 40 pounds with 60 more to go so haven't done a lot of shopping yet. I did buy a new top which was a large which surprised me when the XL was too big as had been wearing 2x. Making do now with thrift shop finds and can't wait until I get down enough to start shopping more.
  • cosmonew
    cosmonew Posts: 514 Member
    Love getting out of those ugly clothes that were baggy and unflattering. Even just a couple weeks in I was happy to throw some ugly stuff out. NOW I can buy clothes because I like them...not just because its what fits.
  • sparklyglitterbomb
    sparklyglitterbomb Posts: 458 Member
    I recently found that most things were too big in the plus department, so I took a deep breath and tried on things in the "regular" department.. and found things that fit! I'm still in that weird range between departments in things, but still getting smaller. I've hated clothes shopping most of my life, so hoping the new world of lots of choices might make it more enjoyable. I didn't even mind when things were a little tight.. I still got them buttoned/zipped/on :D
  • flimflam87
    flimflam87 Posts: 41 Member
    Your options have opened up!
  • jcubedatund
    jcubedatund Posts: 71 Member
    A few years ago I had lost enough weight to shop in the "regular" size areas of the stores. I agree, it felt odd but oh so rewarding to try on clothes (and have them fit) that no longer had a "W" behind the size. I am hoping to get back there soon!
  • elisa123gal
    elisa123gal Posts: 4,290 Member
    no doubt, it is truly freeing to shop for clothes without the thought of shopping for something that will fit or make one look thinner. That's nothing but hard friggin work! I have more work to do before I can do the happy dance..but I'm very happy for you.. enjoy!
  • afatpersonwholikesfood
    I wear a misses 12 now. I can shop anywhere at the mall, but I still have this bizarre fear that I am going to get thrown out of stores by the size police or that people are looking at me thinking, "Yeah, right," when I pull a 12 or large off the rack. Not proud of this but confessing it anyway.
  • Nightmare_Queen88
    Nightmare_Queen88 Posts: 304 Member
    It's definitely a weird feeling. I still feel like people are staring at me wondering why I'm shopping in the junior section. I was a size 20 US but now I'm a 17 in juniors and possibly a 14 in women's. It's surreal. :)
  • Spook_Skywalker
    Spook_Skywalker Posts: 180 Member
    That's an awesome feeling! Enjoy and great job! :smile:
  • ridiculous59
    ridiculous59 Posts: 2,852 Member
    I've gone from a 1x to medium. Truth is, I don't know what to wear anymore! Last time I was this size I was 25 and i'm now 57 lol I don't want too dress too young but i'm so ready to wear clothes that are more flattering :) It's a pretty cool feeling so just enjoy it :)
  • jbatinker
    jbatinker Posts: 313 Member
    I get the same feeling - I can no longer wear Lane Bryant clothes as not have only I lost weight but the shape of my body has changed. I feel funny looking in regular clothes and always start in the plus section of the store. I hope this feels normal soon!
  • DanerTee
    DanerTee Posts: 263 Member
    Don't try to analyze it, recognize it as a success and bask in the great way it makes you feel! You've worked so hard, don't deny yourself this simple pleasure. In other words, don't question it, just be thankful! :)
  • DebBahr
    DebBahr Posts: 110 Member
    At first it's a bit weird but it is so much fun to buy cute clothes that look good.
  • MaxT370
    MaxT370 Posts: 274 Member
    I know this feeling! I used to shop at Torrid..they recently extended their sizes both up and down and I currently fit into the smallest size they offer, a 10. The only thing I fit into there now are their jeans.
  • sunny_d22
    sunny_d22 Posts: 316 Member
    I wear a misses 12 now. I can shop anywhere at the mall, but I still have this bizarre fear that I am going to get thrown out of stores by the size police or that people are looking at me thinking, "Yeah, right," when I pull a 12 or large off the rack. Not proud of this but confessing it anyway.

    I feel the same way!
  • Spliner1969
    Spliner1969 Posts: 3,233 Member
    Funny thing is I went from 2XLT or 3XLT in some cases to Medium or LT for men. What I really need is a Medium Tall but they don't seem to exist in most brands. In order to get a "Tall" version I have to go with a large usually. Kind of annoying. I probably just need to stick with the LT size and build more muscle. ;)
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