Help please?!

I just started using the app maybe a couple days ago. I'm 5'0 and I weigh 210 (my daughter just turned 5 months) and I'm wondering have this help really helped anyone lose weight in a decent time frame? I'm looking to lose just 20 pounds to start off with. Everyday I walk 3 miles and do about 100 squats but that's about all... Anybody gotten results?? (Eating 1600 calories a day)


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    Yes, you'll see results if you're honest with what you're logging (measuring, weighing, logging everything) and staying in a deficit overall for the week. What is a decent time frame for you? Honestly, I didn't see success until I stopped with giving myself a time limit - it was just too much pressure and I self - sabotaged every single time. I had to dig deep and go against everything my mind wanted to do (get the weight off fast and THEN I'll make it a lifestyle, I promise...THIS time I mean it!). In the end, I had a goal weight, a target calorie range I wanted to hit, and a set work out schedule. Those goals changed along the way - this isn't a static process, but I had to take time away as a factor. Easier said than done, I know. Best of luck to you and congrats on your new addition!
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    Nah, it hasn't helped many people, only tens of thousands. :)
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    It depends on what you mean by a decent time frame. I say that because it's really best to not be in a rush. Slow and steady really does win the weight loss race. Check out the success stories board and you will see this app works for many, many people.
  • As in time frame I mean I don't want it to take 6 months just to lose 20 pounds that's what I mean by decent time... I feel as if I'm doing what I need to do it should come off
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    You have to start with the first pound. Don't rely on exercise to lose weight. But if you log your food intake correctly and consistently, and hit those 1600 calories every day, you will lose weight. You may not be able to see on the scales every week, but it will come off. Be patient and stay committed.
  • Thanks everyone
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    Yes, but I also, had to put away a time frame. It took me 55 years to put it all on; certainly did not want to take 55 addition year to take it off. It was a little over a year to reach goal. And have kept it off more than 3 years now. It was slow - but made it much easier to accomplish than crash dieting and burning out. I also had to realize that I was going to lose the weight in the kitchen by being honest with myself about how much I was actually eating. All those "tastes" as I cooked for the family Do count. Broken pieces of cookies are calories.

    You Can do this! Congratulations on your baby!! What a special time for you. Probably most important at this time is sleep as much as possible and move as often as you can. Log it all and you will start to see a difference.