Is it possible to lose weight if you aren't very active at work, like I babysit but honestly I'm not that active while I'm at work because I'm limited as to what I can do cause the baby's ages, yes I'm up moving with them but not alot. When they nap I'll clean, but for the most part I'm not very active and I'm starting to wonder if I can even lose the weight. I've gained 24 lbs in 2 maybe 3 months but I'm also very stressed and going thru some stuff and unfortunately I'm the type that turns to food when upset or stressed out. I don't know, I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that you can have a "sedentary " type job and still lose weight. I want to get down to 125ish. I'm currently 165


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    ^^^ That.
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    I sit - all day - every day. I have an office job and I literally * do not move * for 8 hours a day.
    I managed to lose around 30lbs. I ate less and exercised.

    Having said that, after relaxing on the eating, I've gained 12 pounds very easily. That's the downside to having an inactive job, in my opinion. It is quite easy to 'find' the weight again once routine's are relaxed. But there is no reason whatsoever why you can't reach your goals and stick to them :)
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    Take them out for a walk in the stroller or a wagon. Play at the park with them. Childcare isn't really sedentary.
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    I appreciate all the feedback. I guess I just wanted someone who has a desk job or sedentary job to give some input so thank you all!
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    mitch16 wrote: »
    Take them out for a walk in the stroller or a wagon. Play at the park with them. Childcare isn't really sedentary.

    I would agree with that, but I work for a family that lives in the country, I have their 3 kids and my daughter. All under 2, so a walk isn't an option and no Parks around as I don't have enough space in my car to travel with all of them. So that's why I was giving my situation, I know not all child care is the same.
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    I appreciate all the feedback. I guess I just wanted someone who has a desk job or sedentary job to give some input so thank you all!

    I work at a desk job. I make a point of doing things during my day (parking far away from the building and walking, choosing a restroom that's furthest from my desk) just to be a little more active. When I'm not at work I make time to get a workout in. My son is a teenager now so it's different, but we still play lacrosse or soccer in the yard and go skateboarding, etc. When he has a soccer game or lacrosse game (that would preclude me from getting my normal workout in) I make a point of doing a few laps on the track while they are doing warmups or whatever.
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    I watch cameras all day for 8 hours, sit on the bus home for 40 minutes each way to work. I have lost 43 pounds in 105 days by using the sedentary goal. I try to drink my 32 oz bottle every 2 hours and go walk to get more ice tea to try and get steps in, but i can't be gone for long periods.

    You can do it!
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    Most jobs today are more sedentary than not (and even a lot of people overestimate how much they're active at work). Even if you're not moving much per se, you can be fidgety and move around more (without moving if that makes sense).

    You'll lose weight by making a calorie deficit. The ways to create a deficit are to eat less, or move more. Any combo works; you don't have to exercise at all if your diet is right, or diet at all if you're THAT active. For most of us though, there's a compromise (eating a little less, and moving a little more).
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    I haven't really exercised yet and I've lost 31 lbs since July 2nd. I am not very active in my job or home life either. All you need is a calorie deficit to lose weight.

    Of course I would recommend eventually adding in some exercise after a while if you can. When you are not working, try and fit something in. I'm getting ready to start adding in some exercise with weights so that so can tighten up as I lose lbs.
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    All you need for weight loss is a calorie deficit. You can do it!
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    Can you work in some activity outside of work hours?
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    Four kids all under the age of 2?! That makes me tired just reading it. I'm guessing you're more active then you think.

    What concerns me is your 24 lb weight gain in 2 - 3 months. Barring any odd health conditions I'd say you've started overeating. Input your stats here and see what calorie goal it gives you. Then start learning how to accurately weigh, measure and log your food. If you're honest and consistent you'll lose weight.
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    I sit in a desk job as well.. it's not about your activity nearly as much as what you eat. Weight loss is 90% kitchen.
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    I appreciate all the feedback. I guess I just wanted someone who has a desk job or sedentary job to give some input so thank you all!

    Do some workout DVDs while they nap or play or whatever.
    Exercise/Walk after you get off.
    There are ways to keep moving.
    And more than anything else- eat less. :)
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    You can lose weight without any exercise at all. Just maintain a calorie deficit.
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    MFP is designed to help you lose weight without working out. Go to the getting started page & read the directions about how to set the system up for yourself. Then eat within your calories & you will lose.

    While you are with the children, sneak in exercise / movement. I do squats at the counter while cooking. I do leg lifts when I brush my teeth. I park at the far end of lots so I have to walk further. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. March in place while watching TV. Lift canned goods (or weights if you have them) while watching TV; I used to do this with my elderly mom when she got out of various rehab facilities when she would fracture body parts at the end of her life.
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    Good morning! What does your schedule look like once you're done working? Eating foods that are good for your body are important but getting in at least 30 minutes of activity is just as important...good for your heart :)

    I am a receptionist, so I totally relate to your sedentary lifestyle. I wear a step tracker and find that it's difficult to be active throughout the day but the program I do has really helped me be more consistent in both areas. Let me know if you have any questions!
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    You need to address the stress issues first imo. If you eat when you're stressed, that's the bigger issue than having a sedentary job. Maybe seek counseling or someone you trust to talk to. Figure out how to get rid of the stress...