Overcoming cravings, but just the craving to chew something...

Does anyone have any tips on how to combat the craving or habit of eating just to have something to chew on? I've tried gum and popcorn (100 cal packs) but some afternoons I just feel like snacking!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated..


  • DancingMoosie
    DancingMoosie Posts: 8,467 Member
    Find something to do. Take a walk, read a book, do some art work. Something to keep the mind off snacking :)
  • BasicGreatGuy
    BasicGreatGuy Posts: 868 Member
    Why are you getting the urge to eat just to eat? Are you depriving yourself of food during the day and not eating enough? If you can address the root cause, that would be much better, versus trying to find something that merely mask the ongoing problem.
  • julie2038
    julie2038 Posts: 142 Member
    I decided that it was my endless love of snacking that got me to 240 pounds. Something clicked and I new that was something I had to change. This weight loss thing is a huge mental challenge. I did a lot of self talk to decide why I wanted something to snack on? If the answer was I'm truly hungry then I ate something, put it in my food diary and moved on, but if I wanted to eat for any other reason I didn't eat. I walked a lot. To get past that moment. My ultimate goal ,when I started ,was this time would be different, so major issues had to change. I would say to look deep and think of things that need to change for you. Best of luck to you!