Does anyone else not have a goal weight?

I just started not too long ago, but I am noticing almost everyone has a goal weight they are trying to reach. I do not. I have an idea of where I would like to be (somewhere between 130-150), but I do not know exactly what weight I want to be. The last time I weighed in that weight range was high school, I look back at pictures of me at my skinniest, and see no curves, which I definitely have now and when I weighed 150 I was in extremely good shape, playing sports year round and muscular, not much fat on me. I just don't know if I should pick a number to shoot for? Or if it's okay not to have a goal weight?


  • besaro
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    i did in the beginning but after losing 100 pounds the end result is less important that how i feel. i am still chasing my goal weight but honestly, i feel at this point its mainly just to keep my head in the game rather than reaching that actual number. i like the chase.
  • trigden1991
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    I am the same. I know what I want to look like in the mirror, use the scales and photographs to make sure that I am moving in the right direction but do not have a number set in stone. It does make sense to set weekly/monthly "loss" goals to keep you motivated.
  • EricaH7
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    I started at 185 and am at 175 now, I don't have too far before I will be getting close to my goal zone. I just don't know if I need to pick a number? I am afraid if I don't I might hit 150 and think I made it when in reality I would look better thinner? Because I was younger when I weighed in this zone I don't really know what my optimal weight is.
  • jkal1979
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    I have a goal but it's not set in stone. Once I reach that goal weight range I plan on figuring out where to go from there. I might lose more weight or I might go into maintenance and stay there. I stressed out enough about setting a goal while doing WW and it's nice to know that I don't have to do that again.
  • kristen6350
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    I didn't when I started. I just knew my starting weight wasn't exactly good...BMI of 27, totally out of shape. I now usually sit between a 22-23 BMI and that's good, I'm happy.
  • LEAS86
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    I've already changed my goal. I set a new one after reaching my initial target weight but it's more of an ideal, I'll see how I feel along the way and change it if necessary depending on how I'm feeling and what I see in the mirror. I personally find it helpful to have a number to aim for but it's not set in stone.
  • Skyblueyellow
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    I picked a mini-goal for MFP but right now I'm just concentrating on achieving and maintaining better habits. I feel like I will know when I get there.
  • Machka9
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    I never did have a goal weight.

    I started with the intent of sticking with it for 3 weeks and then quitting ... if I didn't lose anything. I lost 3 kg by the end of 3 weeks, so I figured I'd stick with it for 13 more weeks (total of 16 weeks) at which time we were going to Canada. And then I was going to quit.

    I lost 15 kg in that time. :)

    I took a month's diet break while I was in Canada and then decided to resume the diet for another 16 weeks. I figured if I could lose 15 kg in that time, I might be able to lose more. I dropped another 11 kg. :)

    I've been more or less maintaining since about early November 2015 (slight fluctuations up and down ... 2 kg up, 2 kg down, etc.) ... but really only because ... Christmas ... and then I started training for long distance cycling events and it was hard to remain in a deficit and train for those events.

    I might want to lose a little bit more ... not sure yet. No goal number in mind. We'll see.
  • CattOfTheGarage
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    If I get out of the "obese" category I'll be very pleased, and then if I can get down to the lower end of "overweight" I'll be ecstatic. Basically any weight that allows me to move the way I want to without joint pain will be great. No specific number in mind.
  • babypunkprincess
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    I was thinking 145. But honestly I want to be out of the 150's. That's it. I have increased my calories and am working out more and being more active. I want to look in the mirror and just like what I see.

    My new goals are

    Be out of 150's
    Tone lower body
    Be more active.
  • amusedmonkey
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    I don't know exactly where I will settle, but I do have a general idea of where I would like to be (somewhere in the high end of normal BMI to slightly overweight). My strategy, however, has a pinpoint goal weight. It's the weight I will stop dieting and start maintaining. From there, I will eat comfortably but with a watchful eye not to overeat, and let my weight settle where it may. As long as it does not go higher than a certain weight where I think it would start getting unhealthy I will be happy. Giving myself the best chance at maintenance is much more important to me than the number.
  • sohifirefly
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    I have an idea of the weight I want to be but really I am looking more for how I feel/look. I'm also trying to get to a healthier body fat % - that is where I have my goal number (to be in the healthy range for my age/gender).
  • Alyssa_Is_LosingIt
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    jkal1979 wrote: »
    I have a goal but it's not set in stone. Once I reach that goal weight range I plan on figuring out where to go from there. I might lose more weight or I might go into maintenance and stay there. I stressed out enough about setting a goal while doing WW and it's nice to know that I don't have to do that again.

    This is more or less where I'm at. I would like to lose maybe 20-30 more lbs. In addition to my calorie deficit, I also lift heavy, so if I'm at a slightly higher weight than I may have originally envisioned, it's not really a big deal. As long as I look good and am in a healthy weight range for my height when I'm done losing, I'll be satisfied.

    After that I'm going to focus more on body composition.
  • Mumu190672
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    I chose a weight goal because mfp ask this in the settings.
    I am obese at the moment by the way.
    First I put a weight that I thought was achievable then after losing some weight I decided to put an average healthy weight.
    My goal is to look reasonably good on the pictures, keep some curves and be on a healthy weight but on the high end.
    Most of my life I was at a healthy range but never skinny. When I go on the low side of healthy range I am happy to look at myself in the miror but I don't feel well overall.
    I think you know better than anybody when you feel your best.
  • fireytiger
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    I don't really have a goal weight either, I say 165 just to have *some* kind of concrete number to put in MFP, but I'm also aware that the number won't really matter in the end. What I really want to do is get to about 170 and start focusing on recomposition, and wherever the number on the scale goes based on that, I can live with.
  • ARGriffy
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    I understand having a goal for the sake of having something solid to aim for.I chose mine initially because it was a nice round number that I thought I was around when last thin. However the closer I got it became an obsession to see that magic number and I spent a good year chasing the number around and made myself crazy! So now I weigh what I like the look of. In the end it's actually under the original goal but I focus on my muscle definition now not only the weight! Who knows at the start what weight is right for them in the end?
  • lemurcat12
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    I was 120 in my 30s and was happy there, so that was my tentative goal, but I was good when I got to 125 or so and could wear the same clothes, and now I just want to keep getting in better shape and reduce body fat (recomping or maybe working on building muscle at some point). Going for a look and don't care about the number or know where I will end up.
  • smiles4jo
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    I have a vague idea of a goal, but I’m still not certain if that’s where I want to be.

    I started at 215 with a goal of around 135-140. Right now, I’m 160 and wearing a size 6/8 and I’m feeling pretty good. A healthy BMI is 155, so only five pounds from where I am now.

    I had picked my goal based on my lowest known adult weight of 145, but I was in my early 20s then. My body has changed since then and, now that I’m close, I think I could be happy around 150.

    At this point, I’m just trying to get to that healthy BMI of 155 and I’ll probably push it along to 150. After that, I may settle into maintenance for a bit and see how I feel.

    Hubby started at over 300 and has lost almost 100 lbs now. He still doesn’t have a goal in mind and figures he’ll know when he gets there.
  • Nikion901
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    No goal weight per se - a target range is more like it. But, you gotta know where you are going if you are going to get there and not just drift around in circles.
  • tryett
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    I set a goal weight because I have so much to lose. But honestly I have no idea. As I gues closer I will make adjustments to it.