No longer considered "overweight"

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I finally reached a healthy BMI this morning. I'm down nearly 70 lbs from 210 to 140.4
I still have a few more lbs to go, but I'm almost there! I'll post my final story with pics when I get there :-)

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  • julie2038
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    Great job! That's my goal. Normal BMI!! I'm almost there too.
  • jvanessa89
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    Awesome job and what a great feeling!!! I can't wait to get there too!
  • aliem
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    Great job! Good luck getting to your ultimate goal!
  • joans1976
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    THAT IS SO SUPER AWESOME! I track mine and have the same square and colors. I can't wait for the day when it's all in the green! I celebrated being "overweight" from "obese" a couple weeks ago. My bottom right corner of the square is just touching the green.
    You must feel fabulous! Good job and congratulations on your hard work! I'll look for your success story!
  • fostersu
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    That is fantastic. I had an almost identical loss. I bet you feel like a new person.
  • fposte2016
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    Congrats!!! I'm striving toward this too. Cool to see someone get there.
  • Fursian
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    Well done! :)
  • know_your_worth
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    Awesome!! Great job!
  • DoctorKhaleesi
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    Way to go!!
  • HealthyGinny
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    Well done!! I can't wait for that moment to happen to me :) great job x
  • sunny_d22
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    Great job! I'm 3 pounds away from normal weight BMI.
  • _dixiana_
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  • jessica561
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    that's good can't wait until i'm there. Don't mind me asking how long did it take you?
  • FitnessGirl11mfp
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    jessica561 wrote: »
    that's good can't wait until i'm there. Don't mind me asking how long did it take you?

    Thank you! No i dont mind at all :-) I've been at this since May 2015 but I took a break in between during my pregnancy.
  • FitnessGirl11mfp
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    Wow thank you all for the encouragement and good thoughts :-) It's an awesome feeling to know my hard work has paid off :-)
  • MsRuffBuffNStuff
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    That's so awesome! I've been at 24 for about a year now - started over 40... so yeah, I know how it is to be considered "normal".... it's so weird isn't it!! Congratulations!!
  • littlewomensmom
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    Yeah! One of my goals too!
  • FitnessGirl11mfp
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    It's been a long time goal. It's not been easy at all, but sooo worth it :-)
  • What a fantastic milestone, congrats!
  • theclaw900
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    Fantastic! Great job.