Chicken breast



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    I usually guess at 1.5 serving off the 4oz canned entry.
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    Who actually eats the 4oz recommended for chicken? I have always just trimmed the fat off one boneless skinless chicken breast and called it good.

    Also, Without a scale, what would be an estimate calorie count of a whole chicken breast? Or oz size of a whole chicken breast?

    Btw, I usually go to Walmart and buy one of those plastic wrapped styrofoam things with about 5-6 raw chicken breasts.

    The ones I get from walmart range from 150g up to 240g. That's about 5-8oz. And that's weighing them after cooked, which is going to weigh A LOT less than raw (and I just use the grilled chicken entry in the database instead).
  • cerise_noir
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    One size - fits nobody. Never been a fan of randomly fixed serving sizes.

    Why would you remove the fat?

    You need a food scale to know how much you are actually eating.

    This. Estimating can come bite you in the *kitten* eventually as it did for me.

    A food scale as I've mentioned to you before, is the most valuable tool for weight loss, and cheap.
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    I vote for buying the food scale and making this a moot point!!
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    I did finally get one. It doubles as my mailing scale, lol. Most of the breasts were 6-7oz uncooked and between 4-6 grilled.
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    I do. I actually weigh my chicken breast and cut it to the size I need. I buy the same chicken breast you buy and sometimes, they can be as large as 12 to 14 .oz alone. I actually used to feel like "Hey, it's grilled chicken breast. I'm good" no matter the size of the breast I was eating. Boy was I wrong! I was working out, eating "right" per se and still not losing weight because I had no real concept of measuring, weighing, or controlling my portions. Once I started doing those things, things changed.
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    So, I have a (probably silly) question...

    I buy frozen chicken breast. Is the 4 oz serving size the weight of the chicken frozen or cooked?
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    i was actually shocked and annoyed once I weighed out 4 oz of chicken breast. The breasts I get are usually 9-11oz.
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    I buy the walmart ones too and have had some be over 9oz, I'd really like to see that chicken. I eat whatever size I want for the calories and protein macro I'm looking for. Typically 4-6oz
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    I bought chicken breasts the other day and they were almost a lb each. That chicken must have been a thing of nighmares.

    Oh, and I totally trim the fat, chicken fat is super gross.