Pain in the Neck!

Hello! I have torticollis (wry neck), which is very painful. The pain meds and muscle relaxers I was given aren't helping much. I haven't been hardly sleeping because of it and I feel it's going to take longer to heal. Does anyone have any advice or tips on how to speed up healing? I've been doing yoga and some stretching exercises, but no high intensity activity as it just makes the headaches worse. Help!


  • healthygreek
    healthygreek Posts: 2,139 Member
    After months of stiff neck pain, I tried acupuncture and it worked!!!
    Make sure you get a good referral.
  • superfox12082
    superfox12082 Posts: 517 Member
    NEVER would have thought of that. Thank you! I'm gonna look into it.
  • tazboy
    tazboy Posts: 81 Member
    My cell phone is the cause of a lot of my pain, and the computer at work as well.
  • superfox12082
    superfox12082 Posts: 517 Member
    I don't talk on the phone much, but I do have a desk job that I'm sure isn't helping. :s