Open food diaries

Anyone here average between 1200 - 1400 calories and have an open diary ? Lookin for food ideas to keep U full xxxx


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    Make sure you're eating enough fats and protein, your diary is pretty carbtastic...
  • connorlauren3638
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    Ok Thankyou
  • JenniferNoll
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    Mine is open.
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    Anyone here average between 1200 - 1400 calories and have an open diary ? Lookin for food ideas to keep U full xxxx

    My diary is public.
    If you don't feel full and your calorie goal is reasonable for you then look at your protein, fats, and fiber intake and make adjustments there.
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    Mine is public.
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    Mine's open too!
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    Mine is open
    Although your's isn't OP just FYI
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    Mine is open :)
  • RunawayCurves
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    Yes I eat 1200-1400 cal most days with an open diary. Nothing very exciting in there but for last two weeks I have not been hungry or had any cravings and I am losing weight so something is working.
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    Great job!
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    Mine is open to friends, add me!
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    Mine is open
  • connorlauren3638
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    Mines now open sorry xxx
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    Not sure if my diary is open or not but here's some good tips:

    Include lots of low calorie high fiber nutritious foods like non starchy veggies & greens:
    Green beans
    Bell peppers

    Lower sugar high fiber fruits:
    Honeydew melon

    Lower calorie carbs- avoid stuff like bread and pasta and try:
    Butternut squash
    Spaghetti squash
    Sweet potato
    Red potato
    White potato

    Avoid adding oil or butter to foods, use cooking sprays if you do need some for cooking since it's easier to use less- they even have good oils like olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil available as sprays

    Add flavor to food with low or no calorie things (instead of butter, oil, cheese):
    Lemon juice
    Lime juice
    Garlic powder
    Balsamic vinegar
    Other types of vinegars
    Fresh herbs
    Dried herbs
    Soy sauce
    Small amounts of ketchup or BBQ sauce

    Lower fat/leaner meats help too, higher fat meats like ground beef can pack a lot of calories. I also like to make shakes with protein powder to help hit my protein goals without a lot of calories or having to eat lots of meat- Tera's Whey is a good one that has a lot of protein, few calories, and is sweetened with stevia and is also organic & grass fed (there's also a completely plain version with no flavor & no sweetener). I like to mix the chocolate one with coconut water for extra sweetness & electrolytes- it tastes like chocolate milk! It can also be mixed into things like oatmeal or egg/banana pancakes, added to smoothies, etc. I don't like the vanilla flavor one though, doesn't actually taste like vanilla.

    Hope this is helpful!

    Btw 1200 calories is pretty low, might want to use a calorie calculator to make sure that appropriate for you.

  • rcktgirl05
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    That's my range, feel free to friend me to see my diary. If I'm hungry I eat and I'm steadily losing.
  • GothamVeggie
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    I average between 1400-1600ish a day. My diary is open to friends. :)
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    Open to anyone, on 1,640, it's pretty boring though as I eat the same things pretty much every day.
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    My diary is open, and I get 1360 calories. I do a pretty good job of staying full and don't often go over my calories. Add me if you want.
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    I'm open, & could use some active friends...please feel free to add me.