Elevated HR


So I've been on my weight loss journey for just under 6 weeks, doing CICO and mainly doing cardio at home and some body weight based exercises as well 5/7days. 28yo female, otherwise healthy, no issues, normal BP etc.
Today I did about 1hr15min of cardio (bike and stair runs), burning about 1000cal according to my fitbit. Average HR was 139, peaking at 170. Normally even when I push pretty hard during cardio my HR tends to come back down reasonably quickly to a resting rate of between 60-65bpm.
Today however, it has stayed around the 80-90 range even now when it is nearly 8hrs post workout. I also feel fairly hot still, but otherwise no other symptoms. I've checked my pulse against the fitbit reading in case it was glitching but it seems fairly accurate.
Any ideas why this happens? Anything to be concerned about? I'm sure its probably nothing but I wondered if there was a simple explanation that I may not know being an exercise newbie :)

Cheers all!


  • Cherimoose
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    Maybe a lack of sleep? That can raise the resting HR.
    Check your temperature to see if you have a fever. :+1:
  • sweetilemon
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    Having an infection (unrelated to workout ) can raise your temp so if your not feeling great maybe get checked out by a doctor? Unless you are under stress I'm not too sure.
  • sweetilemon
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    Meant BP not temp sorry :)
  • markrgeary1
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    Hydration matters. Lower hydration and electrolytes can be a cause for Tachacardia(resting heart rate >100). By itself not a huge issue unless there is a additional medical issue.