Help please I have a 9hr drive tonight and don't know what to pack

Hey guys I drive locally for a trucking company and I need some ideas to pack for a cooler.. I have 2010cal I can eat everyday and have already eaten 500cal for lunch, "banquet chicken strips with some honey mustard sauce" I know it's not exactly great but it was quick and I'm busy today.. last couple nights I've been making a salad with some shredded cheese and like 8 croutons along with 2 packs of pistachios.. I added it up to round out 900cal for everything. I've completely got rid of soda except for 1 diet coke a day. I'm about 4 days in I'm doing pretty well

SW 307
GW 220
CW ???


  • elphie754
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    Diet soda won't hinder weight loss (it is zero calories).

    As for what to pack, these are things that I put in my cooler for work-individual cheese sticks, individual sugar free jello, cut up chicken with olives, cut up apples with individual packs of peanut butter, apple sauce etc.
  • Lounmoun
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    Stuff like:
    Sandwich or wraps- meat cheese, nut butters, tuna, egg, hummus, vegetables
    Cheese, cottage cheese
    Fruit- fresh or canned
    Hard boiled egg, deviled egg, omelet muffins
    Veggies and hummus
    Salads- greens, bean, pasta, other vegetable salads
    Roasted vegetables
    Rice, rice balls
    Trail mix
    Granola bar
    Baked oatmeal

    Look up bento boxes for ideas.
  • nutmegoreo
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    I do sandwiches for work much of the time when I don't want to microwave. Yogurt, cheese slices. Tomatoes with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and feta cheese. Wraps are nice too. Spinach with chopped peppers, cucumber, tomato, shredded cheese, and some dressing.
  • HeidiCooksSupper
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    Things that pack well in a cooler and can be eaten underway include grapes, baby carrots, string cheese ...
  • Chadxx
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    I just had to make a 4 day trip. I mostly improvised since it was stupid short notice but I grabbed some canned goods that I already had since they would keep, chicken breast, black beans, and succotash. I ate those if I couldn't find something appropriate.

    Now, planning ahead with a cooler, I am thinking fruit, hard boiled eggs, salad, a sandwich...
  • arditarose
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    I was on the road for 7 hours today. Protein bars, beef jerky, coffee and diet soda for me :) Relatively low calorie, high protein, and delicious.
  • I had a 3 hour commute every Sunday of the summer. It was the worst; I got so bored driving. Munching kept me alert. I packed lots of raw veggies- especially celery because it is fun to crunch. And also gum.