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aly1221aly1221 Member Posts: 55 Member Posts: 55
Soo free slurpee day is fast approaching...I'm very sad to not be participating :frown:
anyone else hoping to skip over on free slurpees and stay strong? :drinker: haha


  • melindalambmelindalamb Member Posts: 80 Member Posts: 80
    I will not be participating. I have cut down on my sweets, only eat natural sweets
  • skinnyhopesskinnyhopes Member Posts: 402 Member Member Posts: 402 Member
    I really want to go. I'll just work it into my day, if I find the time to get one.
  • KyleGAKyleGA Member Posts: 309 Member Member Posts: 309 Member
    The things we give up...I passed up my favorite day of the year this year...National Donut Day (6/3).
    We must stay strong! :-p

    Cheers all to our healthy lifestyle!
  • aly1221aly1221 Member Posts: 55 Member Posts: 55
    yeeep! I thought about doing it...but I've pretty much given up all soda so this would ruin it lol oooh well I guess :)
  • RangerSteveRangerSteve Member Posts: 437 Member Posts: 437
    The best diet = the diet you will stick to for the rest of your life.

    Are you planning on never having a slurpee again as long as you live? If the answer to that is no, why not enjoy your free slurpee if it gives you some joy in your life? Run to and from the 7/11 if you're so worried about it. A single slurpee isn't going to make the wheels fall off. (not including any sort of eating disorder where you can't control yourself)
  • angela828angela828 Member Posts: 498 Member Member Posts: 498 Member
    I'm totally getting my free slurpee! I participated in Rita's free italian ice and just made sure I had enough calories and stuff. The slurpee will be my treat for the day. I find if I "ban" certain things from my diet, I eat them anyway and then feel bad. If I don't ban them, I don't really eat them that much anyway. One slurpee will not hurt you as long as you just do everything else you've been doing! Monday I'll eat well, workout, and enjoy my slurpee :)
  • chicoracchicorac Member Posts: 34 Member Posts: 34
    I've missed national donut day, baskin robbins day and free Rita's day. Free slurpee day's just gonna be another day I'll miss. I'm kinda getting used to it.
  • skinnyhopesskinnyhopes Member Posts: 402 Member Member Posts: 402 Member
    Aw, I missed out.
    Wasn't able to go.
  • Nomi3Nomi3 Member Posts: 13 Member Member Posts: 13 Member
    I'm so sad I missed it! I definitely would have enjoyed my slurpee, but the nearest 7/11 is over an hour away. :cry:

    Hope someone enjoyed one for me :drinker:
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