101lbs lost-CICO, all the foods I love, and I'm not done.



  • So very proud of you! You have been one of my inspirations for the past 6 months I've been doing this! You show me everyday that it is possible and achievable! You ARE a rock star! Keep on inspiring others as you have me!
  • kenyainez
    kenyainez Posts: 222 Member
    Isn't it awesome? No, really! It's truly awesome, right?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! You didn't HAVE TO cut out food groups or go without the things you love just to lose weight. You simply ate less than you burn and voila`! I wish more people would get on with this, it would make the weight loss process alot less stressful!

    Happy Birthday and Great Job!
  • agbmom556
    agbmom556 Posts: 694 Member
    Love it. Thanks for the reminder to keep working at our weight loss goals. :)
  • RandiNoelle
    RandiNoelle Posts: 374 Member
    Well done! So very proud of you!
  • Lucy1752
    Lucy1752 Posts: 499 Member
    Happy Birthday and what a great post! Thanks for sharing :smile:

  • SueSueDio
    SueSueDio Posts: 4,796 Member
    Well said! I've always liked your no-nonsense attitude. :)

    I'm sure we'd all like the Magic Pill that would allow us to reach our ideal weight quickly and painlessly (I know I would!), but since it doesn't exist then we all need to find a way that works for us and our individual needs and wants. What works for me is pretty much the same as you - I eat the things I like but less of them, and I've cut out or limited a few things that I still like but just aren't worth it most of the time. I do take regular breaks to eat at maintenance calories, because I've found that to really help me, but no "cheating" (such negative connotations to that word!). If I want something that will put me over my goal, I make a conscious decision whether or not to eat it and then I enjoy it without guilt. My way works for me, and it's slow but painless! :) (Still averaging around 1lb per week overall though.) It might not work for others, and that's fine - we all need to find our own way.

    Motivation can get us started on the journey, but it won't be with us every day. Determination is what we need, and you have plenty of that my dear! :) I have no doubt you'll get to your goal and then carry on living your life in the new healthy way you've developed. And I hope you'll stick around here afterwards and keep nudging the rest of us along the same path. :)

  • Very well said!!! Thanks for sharing your honesty, it's very inspiring and insightful!!!! You Rock and HAPPY Belated Birthday!!!! :)
  • Alluminati
    Alluminati Posts: 6,209 Member
    I <3 This post so much. OP, you are an inspiration.
  • Skyblueyellow
    Skyblueyellow Posts: 225 Member

    You have a very healthy attitude!
  • gkingbr
    gkingbr Posts: 292 Member
    Congrats and Happy Birthday
  • gianna42
    gianna42 Posts: 5,991 Member
    That is awesome - and yes, hard work, discipline, and sticking to it got you where you are today ;) Congratulations and Happy Birthday to you!!
  • fishypeaches
    fishypeaches Posts: 6 Member
    Congrats! Thank you for posting this. It was what I needed to read this morning. You are an inspiration.
  • snickerscharlie
    snickerscharlie Posts: 8,581 Member
    Thank you so much for telling it like it *really* is!

    Congrats and Happy Birthday. <3
  • Sweet_Pandora
    Sweet_Pandora Posts: 459 Member
    Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

    Thanks for keeping it real and sharing your story.

  • pushin50nfab
    pushin50nfab Posts: 18 Member
    Happy Birthday and great post!! :)
  • SweetP27
    SweetP27 Posts: 215 Member
    Congratulations!!! I love this post so much - and you delivery! Oh, Happy Birthday!!
  • bpetrosky
    bpetrosky Posts: 3,911 Member
    Fantastic job! Congratulations on your progress and happy birthday!
  • akern1987
    akern1987 Posts: 284 Member
    You're amazing, this is the mindset I've adopted, and I'm never looking back. Diets don't work, fads fade away and excuses are just the reasons I became fat in the first place. I'm 22lbs down and it's all because of CICO. It's my new day to day everyday, and it works because it's simple...it's math...it just is what it is!
    Congratulations to you on this massive achievement. #Inspiration
  • Alyssa_Is_LosingIt
    Alyssa_Is_LosingIt Posts: 4,696 Member
    Amazing post.

    Happy birthday, and congrats on your success! :heart:
  • Carlos_421
    Carlos_421 Posts: 5,132 Member
    You. Are. Incredible.

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