A nasty cycle!

Are really bad today, and recognize that once I had one bad day, more are to follow. How do you break this cycle? How do you get over a "cheat" day that wasn't planned?


  • SLLRunner
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    Chin up.

    It's one day, it won't ruin your progress unless it becomes a habit.

    Just eat normally tomorrow, and the next, and the next, and you'll be fine. :)
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    Log it and move on.
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    I did the same about 10 days ago. I ate about 1000 above maintenance, totally unplanned. Then the next day I ate a little under my set deficit calorie goal, and did ok the rest of the time, and I lost weight just fine over the past week. Don't let one day derail you--it really doesn't matter much over time as long as you get back to a good routine.

    ETA--I also logged my high calorie day, as ugly as it was. I figure it's just more data I can use, and it keeps me honest with myself.
  • tlflag1620
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    Log it. Look at it in black and white. Sure you may have knocked yourself out of a deficit today, but were you over maintenance? By how much? If you stick to goal the rest of the week, will you still be in a deficit for the week? If so, you will still have lost weight this week!

    Don't be discouraged if you step on the scale tomorrow morning to find you are up a few lbs - it's mainly water (from either higher than normal salt, or carbs, or both) and will come off in a few days.

    Then ask yourself - is your rate of loss and calorie goal reasonable for how much weight you have to lose? Trying to lose quickly and aggressively quite frequently leads to unplanned "cheating". Take stock of why this happened and what you can do to prevent it from happening again.

    And of course, remember you are human, we all have bad days. Forgive yourself and move on. Think about how much worse the "damage" will be if you let one bad day spiral into several bad days.
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    Thank y'all!
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    You log every single thing. Only way to really be aware of the damage you're doing.