Are veggies a Free food?

I am counting my calories, works best for me. I did Jenny Craig a few years back and veggies of all kind were a free food, eat as many as you want. I know I am kind of answering my own question but want to be sure. Doing 1200 to start off. When I enter my foods, veggies, it adds up the calorie count. So should I worry about those taking away my calories or should I still look at them as FREE foods. Thanks.


  • queenliz99
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    Count them.
  • sympha01
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    Foods with calories have ... calories. If you are relying on calorie counting for weight loss, there are no free calories. Vegetables are good for you -- eat them, but log them. Truly, it's hard to make them add up to much trouble in your plan, though some starchy ones are higher in calories than leafy or watery ones. I'm especially careful with portioning potatoes, corn, and peas (or beans) for example.

    If eating vegetables is making it hard to stick to your calorie goal, honestly I'd advise raising your calorie goal to account for it. Because a 1200 cal a day diet is very much on the low side. I know plenty of women who successfully lost weight on 1400-1600 cal a day diets. I lost lots of weight in my 40s on an 1850 cal a day diet (I'm very active, though). It took longer than a low cal diet but it was much easier to stick to happily, and didn't tempt me to do dumb things like try to make room for a delicious cookie by skipping vegetables. Furthermore taking a long time with a more sustainable diet plan did way more for me to build long-term healthy eating habits that have made maintaining nearly a breeze.
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    WW and similar plans with free fruit and veg are simplified to guide people who don't want to count calories to make better choices, that's all. Veg definitely isn't free. Their points were not a straight up and down reflection of calorie content, not at all.
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    Log them
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    Eat veggies for health, but I wouldn't recommend them for hunger....they have very low saiety for most people. They aren't free but you'd be hard pressed to eat so many as y9 amount to a lot of calories. Some are more calories than others though.
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    I make a stir-fry that, aside from about 20 calories of Teriyaki sauce and 50 calories of oil, has about 200 calories. It's a huge plate and it's all vegetables, but they still have calories that add up in volume.