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So this is more a half-way to success story than a success story.

Several years ago I was in pretty good shape, 155 pounds at 6' tall. Decided around that point to invest in some nicer shirts for work and just for nights on the town. Bought a bunch of 1MX fitted shirts from Express that fit me very well, and I do mean very well...cut to my shape basically.

So, fast forward to about 4 months ago and I've let myself go a bit, up to 180 pounds. Its been a while since I could put those shirts on and they were just collecting dust in my closet as I continued to go to work in tshirts and ratty sweaters because like hell I was going to buy more fitted shirts at my current...girth. In a tshirt I don't look overweight at all, its just in a fitted shirt I start to show a gut.

I've been on here for about 4 months now and I'm about half way through my weightloss and today I'm about 164. At this point I can put the shirts on....barely. I don't look like an overstuffed sausage but the buttons are definately earning their keep if you know what I mean. The elastic in the material is stretched enough that it also creates some weird lines.

Still, its gratifying to be able to put them on at all...even if they aren't flattering. Especially considering how wrinkly they are sitting in the closet.

Posting this now so that maybe in another 3 months I'll have another picture with me actually fiting in them again.

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  • sydnisd183
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    You'll get there, no doubt. I love trying on my goal clothes to see how close i'm getting. What used to be tight around my hips I now easily slide into, same with most (not all) of my shirts. It's cool motivation to keep going!!!
  • healthylili2015
    healthylili2015 Posts: 24 Member
    You'll get there before you know it!
  • Rocknut53
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    I have no clothes anymore. That's a good thing, but bad as well with winter coming on. I'm sure I'm the only female on the planet that hates to shop. But yea, you're getting there.
  • frannieshack
    frannieshack Posts: 327 Member
    I also hate to shop! I could not wear my favorite clothing over the summer because they did not fit. I refused to go buy more clothes! Next summer I will be back in those clothes!!!!!
  • joans1976
    joans1976 Posts: 2,201 Member
    I truly don't think the brown-ish shirt looks bad at all. I can see how you would like to get into the plaid one again though.
    Be proud of your success and keep takin those progress pics, they help!
  • DetroitDarin
    DetroitDarin Posts: 955 Member
    you're doing great!
  • bele2009
    bele2009 Posts: 137 Member
    You are doing great and those shirts fit you well already. Great job!
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