Update: 40 pounds lost!

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I'm excited to report that since I have started my journey this past May 2016, I have lost a total of 40 pounds (down approximately 20 pounds from my last posting in July). I’m beside myself in how I have been able to stick to healthy wholesome eating and a consistent fitness routine. I changed a few things in how I have been doing my journey:
• Focus more on the quality of food – decreased all processed foods from my diet. If it is in a box, I try to eliminate it. If I cannot eliminate it, I look at the packaging to ensure there is no added sugars and I now what the ingredients are. I also started infusing most of my diet with mixed vegetables and/or grilled veggies. I stick to a 3/4th plate of fruits, veggies, and a few whole wheat grains, and then 1/4th of a high quality protein like salmon or chicken. For breakfast, I eat mostly oatmeal or eggs. Salads and/or mixed veggies with chicken for lunch.
• Developed a more lifestyle approach to my dieting/exercise - I try not to get extremely worried about if I have a bad day or not. I have them, but I try to consistently remind myself why I am here and what I have to look forward. As long as I continue to log in daily to MFP, I consider that a step in the right direction :)
• Be appreciative of the gifts that I have – this one might be a little odd, but everyday I write a few words or phrases of things that I appreciate. I find that writing down moments of gratitude has helped me tremendously as a person and has kept me focused. Happiness tends to gravitate to both my health journey and in life outside of dieting/fitness.
• Marathon training! I have shifted my fitness goals to more event based goals. Rather than saying I want to run X miles, I have literally filled up my calendar with races! My first race is this April (half marathon) and then I'm doing the San Francisco half marathon!

Again, you all are so awesome! I come to this forum and am always inspired by reading these stories. I have become such a happier person in part of reading the comments within the forum and seeing why people have decided to become healthier. You all are a true inspiration. I have a while to go on this journey but I’m super excited to be along for the ride and building a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

Me approximately 240 (Last year 2015)

220 (July 2016)

200 (November 2016)


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    Congrats, you look GREAT! Great advice, love your idea of writing down things you are thankful for!
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    Amazing! You look like a different person! Congrats
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    Excellent work - you look awesome!! :)
  • That is incredible! Your perseverance & dedication to a healthier life style have really paid off. Looking forward to enjoying a similar loss and enjoying the process along the way....
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    You have truly transformed. I enjoyed hearing about how a new lifestyle has evolved for you. Your life is truly active and you attitude about food and nutrition is organic. Your not just counting calories and forcing exercise to burn fat so you can have more calories for the day to eat whatever you want.

    You get it. And you look great. .congrats.
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    Such an inspiring post and a great way to start a Monday morning! Thank you for sharing! I've also lost a little over 40 pounds so far this year and feel like I've taken on a whole new mindset to getting healthy. And - like you - I've started running - I like running in the woods - and have my first trail run half marathon in Charlotte in March. :smile: I like the ideas of starting to work more towards less processed foods and taking time to practice daily gratitude. I literally read your post and then went to my gmail and started an email to myself, subject line: Daily Gratitude - wrote what I'm thankful for today and sent it. Love the idea of adding on a couple of lines every day to start my day. Thank you, again!
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    Very positive outlook on your goals & your life, great approach.
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    You sound so wise for such a young guy - great job!
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    Awesome awesome job!!!!!:)
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    Awesome dude. Keep up the good work.
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    You look hottt!!!! Tsssst
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    Very inspiring!! :smile: Love your comment, "everyday I write a few words or phrases of things that I appreciate" and I will try to incorporate the same. Also, love the idea of having grilled veggies, they taste so much better!! :) Congrats on your weightloss journey!
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    Yay! Keep it up! :)
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