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Has anyone had any weight loss surgery????

How are you using my mfp to help you reach your goal????


  • jyamiolk
    jyamiolk Posts: 37 Member
    I had the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy back in October of 2014. I have lost 124 pounds and been on maintenance for about a year now. I log 95% of what I eat and my maintenance calories is around 1800 on regular days and 2000 when I work out. I primarily track my Protein intake and carbs.
  • LAWoman72
    LAWoman72 Posts: 2,846 Member
    You should check out Groups; I think there are a few for this.

    I'm not saying don't ask here, LOL. Just giving you a tip.
  • DaytonaTheHousecat
    The only weight loss surgery I'm getting is my breast implants taken out . They weigh a pound each and I can't wait till they're gone ! I just need the money
  • lmbecker12
    lmbecker12 Posts: 46 Member
    I had RNY gastric bypass 12 years ago and lost 110 lbs. Gained a few over the years and am using MFP to get back where I feel most comfortable. I use MFP to keep myself accountable and also watch my intake on sugar/carbs and such.
  • RachelElser
    RachelElser Posts: 1,049 Member
    Although I have not, a good friend of mine has. She lost a BUNCH of weight, but then gained it all back because she didn't change her lifestyle at all. It doesn't matter what surgery you have, if you eat way to much, and way to much junk food, it's not going to stick.
    As a tool, I think it can be very helpful. But again, it's just a tool, not a fix all miracle.
  • Buttaflyqueen74
    Buttaflyqueen74 Posts: 21 Member
    Hi my name is Shelia and I had my bypass just this month November 1st. I'm just searching to see if anyone that had the bypass, sleeve, or the band that wants to share their experience and help motivate me or anyone else.
  • carpe_vinum
    carpe_vinum Posts: 53 Member
    Hi - I had gastric sleeve surgery on August 11 of this year. I lost 60ish pounds pre surgery and have lost 33 post surgery; I have 22 more to get to goal. The surgery is a tool, the work is still very difficult. It isn't a miracle fix-all. Let's be friends. =)