Diastasis recti any moms?

Just wondering if any moms have dealt with diastasis recti after having baby. Dr stated I have a slight separation and I'm looking for advice to help it.


  • sweetilemon
    sweetilemon Posts: 122 Member
    Yes! I have this!! I had a EMC in March, can see the muscles split. I try to avoid sit ups and 'pull in' my muscles throughout the day, also practice yoga in the 'cat' position. Not sure if it's working tbh.
  • kbotsh
    kbotsh Posts: 4 Member
    I have a 2cm gap. I was given exercises by my gp but 9 months later my gap is still there
  • Becb1980
    Becb1980 Posts: 12 Member
    Sorry to say this but 9 years later I still have quite a good gap.. I still train my core like normal though (my separation is above my belly button) I'm reasonably happy with my stomach now but sometimes stick my fingers in the gap lol
  • jemhh
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