120 Day progress. :-/ Not really success...but it is what it is.



  • chandraminick
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    I am a woman, and I will honestly say that I see a change in your before and after pics. It may not seem like much to you because you're fustrated and you're used to seeing your body, but this is the first time I've seen this post and I spotted the difference in the pics immediately because I saw my own body do it after I worked three months. It is in your torso under your rib cage. You now have a ridge along your side whee we can see your abs, and your belly button has lifted and lost some puffyness. Also your chest has lifted in two places. Your shoulder caps are a little different too. It is working from my point of view, and your body is more attractive in the after pics. You are definitely carrying the torso weight that is remaining in a more distributed manner than where it was all concentrated over your under rib area before.
  • girlgroves
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    I definitely see a difference in your before and after photos. And 26lbs in 4 months is really good going - equivalent to just over 1.5lbs/week loss! So there's absolutely no need to reduce your calories any further than you have - slow, steady and consistent will get you there! Don't be disheartened - keep it up!! It took me over 14months to lose my 56lbs - but I ate every single one of my exercise calories back - because I wanted to! We shouldn't feel compelled to compare ourselves to anyone else - you need to congratulate yourself on what you've achieved so far! Good luck for the rest :smile:
  • nanainlaca
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    You are doing fine and being way too hard on yourself. It's only been 3 months.

    You might want to consider having your body fat percentage calculated and determining your basal metabolic rate (BMR). It's possible you are not eating enough.

    I see a change from start to now. The key is to get past the three month mark which is where a lot of people give up.

    Good luck to you!
  • pedermj2002
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    You've lost 26lbs. That's amazing when you stop and think about it. That's more than 10% of what you used to weigh, gone. That's as much as some bicycles, gone. That's more than the turkey that will be put on the table of nearly every Thanksgiving turkey in the country, gone. You've lost more weight in four months than probably 95% of the rest of the USA will lose all year long.

    What's more, you've adapted your lifestyle to help you *continue* to lose it. You're eating less. You're exercising more. You're eating better.

    And looking at those pictures you've posted, the results are visible. Your belly is noticeably slimmer. Your muscles stand out, both in your chest and on your arms, more.

    I don't see *anything* to be upset about. You've made some fantastic progress, and are on track to continue to do better. Celebrate how you're doing, because it's awesome!
  • christentom
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    I agree with these ladies. Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up! Some people are lucky and see big changes quickly, others see slower, more gradual change. You've already lost 40 pounds in 4 months and that's nothing to sneeze at. You've also increased your strength and your clothes sizes are changing. These are all signs that you're doing well, albeit not as fast as if you were on the miracle pill (there is no miracle pill).

    It's okay to not be satisfied with your body shape right now-as long as it doesn't prevent you from continuing to work on it. (You're not alone. Many, many people are not satisfied with their body shape, even people who have a body shape others might envy. That's how many of us are wired. We compare ourselves to others and to what we imagine we could/should be. In a perfect world we get over this at some point, but keep expecting the best from ourselves.) Hopefully you're happy with your behavioural inputs though. You feel like you've been working smart and hard regularly (illness aside) and sticking to your nutrition plan.

    It's my belief that the biggest factors in long-term success are consistency and sustainability. Stick with what's working for you and keep putting in your time. You probably don't need to try anything new or different if you're already making progress with what you do. There are so many different ways to workout and eat to lose fat. They can all work, and rarely is one inherently better than the others. The best workout and the best nutrition method is the one that you can stick to and do forever. Focus on continuing to put in good quality workouts and on continuing to eat well and your behaviours will continue to serve you. If you hit a point where you can't stick to your plan anymore, or if your progress has halted for an extended period of time-then think about how you might change your approach.

  • majess1022
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    I see a real difference in how much flatter your midsection is (and improvement all over!). You are doing great.

    I also have gone about a full month with no real loss. I agree it's a bit of a downer. I've kept plugging away and In the last few days, I have finally seen some movement. Try not to get discouraged!
  • DetroitDarin
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    God. I am speechless at the support. Just wow. "Thank you" doesnt cut it. I will not give up. Though i am unhappy with my naked body, this tshirt has never looked better on me. Theres no way i could have even word this back in july.


    THANK YOU all. Feel free to add me. I adore you ladies and offer a heart high-five to the guys!