Kayla Itsines BBG

Hi Fitties,
Just curious as to what ladies or gentlemen, partake in Kayla's BBG. Feedback? likes/dislikes, etc.


  • merbear787
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    Hi there! I'm doing it currently and am on week 6! (I also did 4 weeks of the pre-training). I've lost 20 pounds in those 10 weeks! (While not completely following her nutrition guide, I have been weighing my food and focusing on CICO which has tremendously helped me with the loss). I love the workouts and actually think they're fun! There's lots of cardio (I'm up to 4x weekly low intensity cardio and soon HIIT cardio) and then her famous HIIT style circuits for resistance using body weight and free weights. I'm in much better shape now- I can do real push ups, burpees, planks and more which I couldn't do before. After I'm done I want to do BBG 2.0 and start lifting heavier weights. It's gotten me really into fitness and I look forward to working out. Plus the BBG Community is awesome. I recommend it. :smile:
  • jnlamppert
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    I went through 3 rounds of BBG beginning about 2 years ago. My roommate/best friend and I did it together in the mornings. I never did the low intensity cardio that you were supposed to do with it. I gained a bunch of muscle, my upper body started looking great, and I was getting strong. I didn't necessarily enjoy the workouts though. It's 28 minutes of cardio to me and if I wasn't doing it with a friend I would've given up.

    During the second round I started to up my weights during any weighted exercise and learned that I really enjoyed weight lifting. After my roommate moved out and we stopped working out together I tried to motivate myself to do BBG but I struggled. I recently moved into weightlifting instead and I find it's way easier to motivate myself to workout now. I really love it.

    Basically, it's a great program and I definitely recommend trying it. If you stick with it and give it your all, you will see results. However, if you find you have trouble motivating yourself or it's not enjoyable, find a type of exercise that you enjoy doing.
  • TrishSeren
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    I got it for free *cough*cough* and I used it for a while, I got really strong but personally didn't notice much of a difference apart from the exercises got easier, (but then I wasn't using MFP too).

    It's tough though, jump squats, jump lunges, man you'll feel it! I'd go back to it, but I'm enjoying the challenges of lifting at the moment.
  • megan_elizabeth8
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    I liked the workouts and still sub them in every now and then to vary my gym sessions, but I don't follow the program as a whole. While the workouts were fun and they are definitely tough, I found that overall all the jumping type exercises were a little too high impact. I have delicate knees and ankles, and found that the program as a whole only aggravated them. That said, if you don't have any of those problems, it is a great program, especially if you're working with limited equipment! :smile:
  • 1975panda
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    I attempted it 3 different times. I'm a bit more "mature" and the workouts were REALLY difficult on my knees (lots of jumping) and I always got hurt.

    It did remind me that I like lifting and now I'm doing Lou Schuler's Strong program. I LOVE it and don't miss any workouts.
  • sarahkw04
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    I haven't done any of the BBG workouts, but while I know a few people who have and have varying results, my concern is always with the certification and safety behind any workout program. I think Kayla was at least initially certified in Australia as a personal trainer, but not sure what that entailed. Of course, my focus as a trainer/instructor is on form/function/mobility, so I get a little nervous about people who may be brand new to exercise downloading a PDF and getting down to business in their living rooms, especially one that focuses on a lot of plyometric type work - but on the other hand, whatever gets people moving. :)
  • jehollandfit
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    I currently have the program and am looking for any motivated fitties to take on the challenge with me!
  • nitesky83
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    I'm on week 17, and I love it so far. Seeing results. Slow but I'm seeing them so I'm happy.