BBG week 1

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Hey MFP users,

I just started using the app again after a WAY too long break away from fitness and healthy eating. So getting back to it finally. Anyways Im 22 and looking for some friends to help with the motivation factor and maybe make this easier. I just completed week 1 of Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide an was wondering if theres any other BBG ladies out there? would love to have someone to commiserate with haha. Also just looking for some people my age that have similar goals :)

feel free to add me!
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  • nitesky83
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    Hi there, I am on week 18 , bbg 2.0. I like it and am seeing good results.
  • taylorfbaron
    taylorfbaron Posts: 6 Member
    @nitesky83 thats awesome! the longest Ive ever gone is the twelve weeks and then I haven't done it consistently but Im super determined this time to do the twelve and then keep going. I just feel like when I do it on my own I dont push myself and tend to quit much easier. any tips?
  • melt4
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    I am 22 and starting my very first round of BBG tomorrow. Very excited! I've gained the freshman 40+ even though I'm a senior and looking to get back into shape and find happiness in my body again. Glad to see another person my age (: