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Just found out my dh has diabetes. I know there isnt a specific diet to follow but am looking for healthy ideas. Please post your favorite low sugar or sugarfree recipes.


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    I have diabetes... I just stay away from lots of carbs. I started eating 250 carbs daily until I've gotten down to 75-150 per day and taken in more proteins.
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    The ketogenic way of eating has helped two of my diabetic relatives. I am eating a keto diet for weight loss purposes as well. There is a forum just for low carb here and they have stuff just for diabetics in there as well. Let me know if you are interested and I will have a moderator send you a link to join.

    Here are a few recipes I have tried and enjoy:








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    Diabetic here too, I'm 4 years in =P

    Forget low sugar or sugar free. What your DH is going to need to watch are carbs as quazy69 mentioned. Though I wish I could get away with the amounts mentioned :'( I can only do up to 30ish grams/day but it's likely because we have different target numbers and other variables.

    ibreatheimhungry.com is a site I visit constantly...excellent recipes =D

    One thing to know though, low carb recipes generally have a different texture than their regular counterparts.
    They take a bit of getting used to.

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    As a ten year diabetic type 2, I agree low fat and diet sodas, and sugar free processed food and drinks are all poison for a diabetic(or anyone for that matter), as the body is naturally very smart, and any thing it takes in that it does not recognize as food, it usually stores as fat, because it cannot convert these substances(artificial flavors, colors and additives, preservatives, and chemically altered foods, like High fructose corn syrup) and bad carbs in processed foods just spike sugar levels. Think all natural whole grains in limited amounts, little or no milk or cream, as it is a sugar, and focus on whole foods, not processed, lean meats, veggies, salads, fruits(good sugars, as they are absorbed slowly in the body, avoiding spikes in blood sugar). Stay away from processed foods in general, as they are made with phony food ingredients which will wear out the organs trying to process them into fuel.
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    Hey everyone- I just got diagnosed with type two diabetes over the weekend. Was actually a pretty big shock- didn't see the diagnosis coming. I had a lot of symptoms- but I was in a bad car accident- so blamed a lot of the symptoms on injuries! Now I am getting used to the diagnosis (and starting to feel quite a bit better) My blood sugar is currently down in a normal range. I want to make sure I keep it there. Anyone have tips and advice for me? Would be greatly appreciated. Just looking for other diabetics who have had success in their own journey! Or for other new diabetics that we can learn from each other as we go :smile:

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    blood sugar 101 ;)

    All you ever wanted to know and more.
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    Thanks Hooki!
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    I dropped my A1C from 12.1 in May to 6.7 last month by limiting the amount of sugar I eat and being very careful about carbs, especially things like bread. Use parboiled rice instead of regular rice and whole foods like sweet potato (in moderation) for your starches. I was testing 3 times a day in the beginning to try to find out what foods spiked my blood sugar.