PostPartum Momma needs some support

Hi everyone!

I'm here hoping to make some friends who have experience in the postpartum weight loss. 11 weeks ago I had my handsome baby boy who stole my heart, unfortunately I have dealt with a bit of depression for the first 8 weeks and am just now feeling like I'm on my feet again.

Before I got pregnant I used mfp to help me lose 20 pounds and felt amazing. My method is mainly to eat right to fuel my body, and now my baby's as I am full time bfing. I want to lose weight in a healthy slow way that keeps me full. I used to follow BakingMadGymAddict on YT and still do. But trying to eat healthy while my sleep patterns are whack is hard.

I did some research to find out what my maintenance calorie goal is and thought 1840cal worked well for me while bfing (I'm only 5' and currently 146 lbs). I did a couple trial days to find out that I was well satisfied and didn't need to snack on junk to get full. That was before Thanksgiving. Then my husband and I spent Thanksgiving out of town with our infant, and long story short I think I ate 12 pieces of pie on Black Friday due to stress (I'm an introvert and social things, plus trying to care for baby while dealing with people is hard for me). Since then I have been back to my bad habits of starve all day then binge on sweets. I don't usually think about eating at all, let alone eat healthy, especially when I eat alone which is most of the time, unless I plan and prepare my meals in advance.

Anyways, sorry for the long story. tl:dr Being a first time postpartum momma, and the heaviest I have ever been, I'm having trouble staying on track eating healthy and would love to make some friends who is either just starting like me, or has been down this road before.

Thank you so much! Let me know your story so I can support you too! :D


  • SuperNerd42
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    Postpartum is tough! Congrats on your sweet boy :)
    My youngest daughter is 6 weeks, and I was just cleared for exercise so up until now it's just been food logging and being smart about what I eat.

    I've found that I go for long stretches without eating during the day (usually distracted by baby- not intentionally fasting or anything), realize how hungry I am, and then get tempted by everything in sight. Prelogging has helped me a ton. I plan out my days meals and some snacks in the morning so I have a guide I can stick to. Sometimes I still miss a meal time so I just have that meal when I realize it.
  • ChristinePearlFNP
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    You can add me
  • SaraEvelyn25
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    My little one is 11 weeks as well!
  • VainMommy
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    My daughter is 14 weeks old. I suffered from PPD/a with my first and continue to deal with it at times. Add me! :smiley:
  • mrskcreations
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    Yay! I've added all of you. I have 40 bs to lose and am starting today. Family from the holidays left yesterday and there's no junk food in my house. Now to do some meal planning! :smile:
  • mel_ano
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    Hi there,

    My baby is 11 months old.
    I gained weight while breastfeeding rather than lost weight. My weight didn't come off until after I stopped, I've had two monthly cycles now and the weight is slowly but surely coming off now so I wouldn't stress too much while you still breastfeed.
  • veganlady73
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    Congrats on your little boy! My little boy came 2.5 years ago, so I'm a little further down this path. Your post reminded me a lot of where I was. You can do this, you're not alone, and a few setbacks aren't a big deal in the big scheme of things. For me, the BFing itself helped me shed some of the weight. Sticking him in the stroller and cruising the neighborhood was good for us too. If you live in an area where the weather is good enough to do that and get some sunshine, both will do wonders to take the edge off of PPD. Also feel free to take it easy on yourself. You made a human. You're freaking amazing. You deserve to take care of you. Good luck!