Help! 3,600 calories!! No wonder I'm in trouble

Speechless! Gutted! Any advice?


  • mcstants
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    How do I do a cleanse?
  • mcstants
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    My first day of tracking it, so here's hoping the shock will enough of a wake up call eh? Thanks
  • snowflake954
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    As you can see it's time to get serious. Tomorrow try to stick to your calorie goal--good luck.
  • tamera_g
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    Even though you had a bad day, you still had the courage to log it. Good for you! I am not sure I would have that courage.
  • nutmegoreo
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    mcstants wrote: »
    My first day of tracking it, so here's hoping the shock will enough of a wake up call eh? Thanks

    Honestly, just keep going. You are still going to have days like these, but seeing it in numbers in front of your face makes it harder to pretend that you don't know where the weight is coming from. Honesty in your logging is a great way to see where changes can be made.
  • mysticlizard
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    When I first started tracking I was shocked at how much I ate too. I set a goal for myself to eat less each day and trying to eat in a more balanced way. I didn't cut anything out of my diet, I just starting eating less and added in more fruits and veggies.
  • Dalceridae
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    Before I started tracking, I knew I ate too much because how else would I have gotten obese? But the shock those first days at seeing just how much I would consume without realising it made me wonder how I wasn't in even worse condition!

    One of my first days, I ate a couple spekulatius cookies without even looking at the calories. When I logged it, I was so surprised to discover I had eaten nearly 500 calories! Then I remembered all the times I would eat half a package in one sitting as a snack...
  • rileysowner
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    mcstants wrote: »
    My first day of tracking it, so here's hoping the shock will enough of a wake up call eh? Thanks

    Gutted seems a little harsh on yourself. It is one day, and you are learning. That is a good thing. Perhaps look at it as, "Wow! I used to eat like that, now I know how much it actually is calorie wise so I don't keep doing it."
  • SuperNerd42
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    Now you know! It is continually eye opening how many calories are in the different foods (and drinks!) I love. Best advice around is to log what you eat- all of it. Don't skip when you cheat, or fudge the portion sizes, you aren't doing yourself any favors that way!
  • SueSueDio
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    mcstants wrote: »
    Speechless! Gutted! Any advice?

    Don't be gutted, look at it as a learning experience. As others have said, now you know! And that knowledge will help you to start learning where you can cut back, what substitutions you can make if you want to, and how to start figuring out reasonable portion sizes. This site has all the help and info you need - congratulations on taking the first step and joining us! :)
  • tracykreczmer
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    One day is just a day... One month is how we all got here. I gained back eight pounds eating the way I did in three months. One day u just add another workout and eat your losing weight diet. Honestly if u go out for a meal or eat out three it's not that hard to do. Please don't gdt upset. We all are human.. That's why we are here!