Motivation and/or tough love

This is my third or fourth go at this weight loss and healthy lifestyle thing. I'm 50 lbs down with 75 to go and I feel like I'm starting to lose steam. I'm still going to the gym/exercising and eating well, most days. I'm still prepping my meals days in advance but I feel like my will power isn't as strong as it used to be. I was exercising 6 days/week but now I'm down to 3-4 days due to old injuries being aggravated by the increase in exercise. I know that one or two "bad" or higher calorie days aren't going to put me back at square one and I'm not ready to throw in the towel. I guess I'm just looking for a kick in the rear!


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    Why not take a week or two off from diet and exercise? Up your calories to maintenance and let your body heal. Use this time to make a list of why you want to make the lifestyle change and put it somewhere where you will see it regularly (such as on the fridge or inside your front door) to help reinforce yourself when you knuckle back down.
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    Hey there, if you want we can help motivate each other. I'm pretty good at giving people a kick in the butt! Haha when it comes to motivation. You probably shouldn't be reducing the amount you exercise but rather you should change how you exercise. Of course a couple high calorie days won't ruin you right away but it adds up. How many times can you say "well it won't kill me" as an excuse to slack off before the pounds start adding up again? You're the only one paying the price for those high calorie days and you're worth seeing yourself reach your goal. :) you can do it but not if you keep making excuses.
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    Nerd Fitness helped me over the hump to make permanent changes including Mindset. I highly recommend looking up the free articles they have posted online. Joining the program is the best investment I ever made for myself.
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    You say you're eating well, prepping your meals, and limited in exercise due to injuries. I do not see a "lack of willpower"! You are following good habits, so just keep doing what you're doing!!
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    You got hurt and tired right. We all have.. U lost fifty pounds!!!! I mean hello or heck yeah!!

    Try a new routine.. But pain is an indication of the injury so please be careful

    Gentle yoga can stretch u out.. I take chair yoga and everyone in there has had an injury.. So they stretch it out until it heals.

    Water aerobics was a fun new way for me to workout. Your local YMCA has many wonderful classes that help people like you and me!

    So switch it up now..

    Add new music.. New exercises and new food

    U have already done this

    U just need a tweet to start up again!
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    Thank you to everyone that has responded! Everyone had great points and the motivation I think I needed!!