Serious Accountability Partner/Friend

Hey All!

I'm Chantel- 26 - CT and I have a LOT of weight to loose :) Currently, I am 20lbs into a 155lb weight loss goal and 5lbs away from my first mini goal of 25lbs! I don't have a specific date in mind to reach my UGW, I know that it will take some time and I'm not going to rush it.

I'm looking for an accountability partner for 2017, someone with similar weightloss goals and who would be willing to have monthly checkins via FT/skype to keep each other motivated. I've been doing this weightloss thing by myself for the last few months and it's rather difficult to stay motivated without a strong support system.

Shoot me a message if interested!!



  • zolliology1
    zolliology1 Posts: 4 Member
    Hey, I have a lot more weight to lose than you, but I still would be willing to partner with you.
  • LBxLB
    LBxLB Posts: 691 Member
    Hey, I have a lot more weight to lose than you, but I still would be willing to partner with you.

    Sounds great! I'm sure there's a lot we could learn from each other. What's your Goal?
  • MAponte73
    MAponte73 Posts: 46 Member
    I also need an accountability partner someone to help me lose my last seventy pounds. Sometimes I get so sluggish at night that they just blow the gym right off. And I know I need to go at least 3 times a week but without somebody to help me or talk me into it I kind of just sit down and play with the dogs. I would love to be your accountability partner. I usually work from 6 a.m. to about 6 p.m. but sometimes I'm free at 4 p.m. IM me and we can swap numbers and bother each other until we reach our goals lol :-) everyone have a great day I look forward to hearing from you have a Merry Christmas talk to you later :-)
  • lakechasmith
    lakechasmith Posts: 36 Member
    I'm in the same boat my family and friends all say they support me but truly I'm doing this by myself. I have lost 21lbs since Nov 1st. 2017 is going to be my year lol well our year because I believe that you can do this.
  • suegil314
    suegil314 Posts: 41 Member
    Really looking for an accountability partner for 2017, friends try to be supportive, but it's hard when they're not where you are in your journey. Need to lose 25-30 lbs. Looking for someone I can support and can encourage me to complete workouts and healthy eating. 2017 - This is The Year!!
  • LBxLB
    LBxLB Posts: 691 Member
    Anyone still interested???
  • meat513
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    Hi add me if you like