Meal planning app??

Looking for a meal planning app .
Is there something through fitness pal so I have everything in one app ?


  • Frayde
    Frayde Posts: 321 Member
    I don't think there's anything in MFP, but wouldn't that be great? Because then all your foods could be analyzed and just flow into your diary. I'd pay for that!

    Instead, I use Pepperplate. It generates a meal plan for my family, and a grocery list if my recipes have been entered into it. I can look at the recipes on my kindle in the kitchen, and flip back and forth between recipes as I'm cooking. It's a freebie.
  • atjays
    atjays Posts: 803 Member
    I'm guessing you want something to generate what you should eat?? You won't find anything like that because there's quite a bit of liability involved and one meal plan won't necessarily work for everyone. I use MFP to log the ingredients for my meals and plan out my week based on those. As for meals and what to eat, I generally follow the recipe forum here for ideas or various Youtube channels related to healthy cooking/fitness. The planning part only takes maybe 30 min a week and once you've logged certain meals you can save them for quick access later
  • Coachfitandrea
    Coachfitandrea Posts: 3 Member
    What kind of meal plan are you looking for? I use the tracker here to figure out calories before I make recipes at home. There are a ton of meal plans out there depending on your goals. Some are customized to a workout plan too.