KTF Monthly Challenge - January Edition!!!

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Hello everyone!! The Kill the Fat Monthly Challenge is now taking in new challengers. January registrations are now open. Come on in, join the group, and go into the announcement titled "January Registrations/Starting Weights (Submit between Sun Dec 25 - Sat Dec 31)"


Follow the instruction in there and join us for the fun. Now that the Holidays are finishing up its time to get back on top of our health and fitness. There is no better time to do this than the NEW YEAR!!! Lets make those resolutions happen for 2017!!

Those of you looking for a group to help motivate you throughout your journey, look no further. We are a group a people who are participating in a weekly weigh in challenge that renews with each month. We are now taking registrations for the month of January.

Our challengers are split up into teams. Each team has its own discussion thread where you can help motivate each other and you can post about goals, struggles and successes every day. Although each team competes to be the biggest losers for the week and month this comes second. First we are here to help one another through our struggles so it doesn't matter if you post a gain for the week.

If you are interested please come on and check out our group.

Remember, Registrations are open ONLY this week.

PS. Please post a comment or bump below to keep the thread going.