Anyone use their oven for something other than cooking?

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As I was cleaning my oven today....(after cooking some bacon wrapped scallops that spilled onto oven floor), I remembered the first time I saw the oven in 2004(it belongs to my husband's mom), and it was spotlessly clean as if it were brand new. I learned that it had been installed in 2000. Later I learned that no one used the stove or oven and had in fact used the oven for storage. Most of what I cook is on the stove or in the oven. Occasionally I use the microwave to reheat left overs (usually when I am short on time). Just curious....who uses their oven and who uses it to store pots/pans or as decoration for the kitchen?


  • MotherOfSharpei
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    My mom (a caregiver) once worked with an elderly lady who used hers for storage. The thought terrifies me.....It seems an accident waiting to happen if the oven accidentally gets turned on.
  • crzycatlady1
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    My grandma also uses her oven for storage lol.
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    Lol my hubby's parents use the oven for storage but they are weird as hell.
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    When my grandmother retired at 60, she also retired from cooking. She had the gas turned off and would use her oven as storage.
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    I use my stove and oven for cooking every day. I do not store things in it ever. It is definitely not decorative.
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    We use the oven for baking, but they also store pans with oil in them while it's not in use. While I live by myself, the oven is never used for storage.
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    I can't remember the last time I turned on my oven. It's all storage for pots, pans, tupperware, and utensils hahaha
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    At our old house the oven temperature was so unreliable it was useless for its intended purpose so I stored my cast iron pieces in it. Now my husband uses our oven to hot blue gun barrels for his business.
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    shanae727 wrote: »
    Uhm..maybe I'm the only one that grew up poor but we used it to heat the house..???!..

    Unfortunately we were in that same boat at times growing up!

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    My ex's mom uses it for storage but she also likes to cook in it - and I swear it literally takes at half hour to empty it because it is so packed full of stuff (like old jars she saves for some reason - cleaned out of course). I used to have a huge plastic mixing bowl I stored in mine but once I turned it on to reheat the oven and forgot it was in there. Luckily I remembered before it caught fire but it did start to melt a bit so I had to throw it out - and I never stored anything in there again.
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    Since it is only my husband and I, I only use the convention toaster oven for cooking (got a new one for Xmas), not the big wall oven. But I do use it to store some oven roasting pans that are too big for the drawers or cupboards.

    My oven is also very clean because if I remember correctly I only used it once a couple of years go to cook a pot roast. One of my sons and his family came over for dinner, so it made sense since we were six people. I don't recall using it again.

    I had a friend that didn't like or trusted the dishwasher so she used it to store all the plastic bags from the supermarket. Not me, my dishwasher works always overtime.
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    My former mother in law stores all of her pots and pans in the oven and uses it to cook. My ex and I were living there for a while. Once I started preheating the oven after clearing it out but had forgotten a tiny pan in the back. The smell of the handle melting was atrocious. For me I love knowing my oven is clean and empty and ready to go at a moment's notice.
  • CurlyCockney
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    I've got a double oven so I use one for plate-warming and dish storage, and one for cooking. The smaller oven is also a grill, but I don't use that.
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    my grandmother always stored her muffin tins, cookie sheets and cake pans in hers . . lids for pots went in the drawer underneath. nothing went in there that couldnt handle heat if they were forgotten.
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    I've used the oven for cooking and storage (pots and pans only). I also use it to heat up the kitchen sometimes. Took me a few years to understand the drawer underneath wasn't for storing pots and pans, but the broiler.
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    I don't use the oven often as its an energy hog and heats up the kitchen, stressing the A/C. I use my pressure cooker alot now, and stovetop. I have switched to primarily cast iron for cookware now, and do store some of it in the oven when not in use.

    I guess I was well trained as a child because its ingrained in me to check the oven before turning it on and make sure the stovetop is clear before turning on any burner. It just comes naturally.

    Safety first.
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    I live in New York, the oven is my largest storage closet.