2017 will be my year!

I have reached my heaviest weight and I am determined to get this weight off and not allow my scale to dispaly this weight again. I figured if I set 5 pound goals until I reach my ultimate goal it should make it easier to achieve. I am looking for motivation and others who are in the same boat. We can share diet and exercise tips and words of encouragement. Feel free to add me!


  • I set mini goals as well to keep me motivated. You can do it!
  • eyuille3
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    I am going to shoot for 5 pound increments. I tried 20 pound increments became frustrated and gained all that I had lost back.
  • leanjogreen18
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    May I suggest also setting non scale goals like...

    Working out 3 times a week (which could just be walking)
    logging daily regardless if you go over your calorie count
    reflecting on the positive things you've accomplished at the end of the day (to replace negative thoughts)

    The scale is just a number that will fluctuate daily up and down so have other goals will help you not focus on that number too much.

    Grab 2017 by the tail and hold on for the ride.
  • RandiNoelle
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    @leanjogreen18 That's some great advice to setting goals!

    @eyuille3 5 lbs increments sounds like a solid plan. I've been here for a while now and am 95 lbs down. Be consistent and be kind yourself. Find what works for you. You can do this! :smile:
  • KrisJ125
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    A great non-scale goal is how your clothing fits. If you have a clothing item that is just 1 size too small, then use that as a motivator to fit into it! Then, when you fit into that item, reward yourself with something that makes you feel good: a soothing bath with essential oils, a trip to the art gallery, a walk in your fave park, anything you enjoy, really! Good luck and I'm sure you can do it!
  • eyuille3
    eyuille3 Posts: 3 Member
    @leanjogreen18 I feel like I'm addicted to the scale everyday several times a day I am quick to hop on it. After reading your post I have tucked my scale away in the closet!