Getting rid of clothes that no longer fit

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My fellow fitness pals. Out of curiosity, when or did you ever decide to throw out or donate clothes that no longer fit? I'm having a hard time getting rid of these as if I'm saving them for the future. Is this strange? Just looking for some motivation on how to truly move forward in this regard.


  • missteena88
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    I gladly donate anything that becomes too big or unflattering for me. I refuse to ever have a need for them again. Perhaps if they're cheaper items, you could recycle/repurpose them so you can still hold on to some?
  • nowine4me
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    The first time I lost 75 pounds I kept them. This time Goodwill wins. I kept a tiny handful of my best things, but the vast majority went. Having a tidy closet is a huge side benefit.
  • Rocknut53
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    My first try at MFP was 4 years ago. I didn't get rid of anything that was too big. I lost 27 pounds, then I just gained it all back and had all these great clothes to wear. A year ago I started again and as soon as I dropped 2 sizes I got rid of all my clothes that were too big. I'm now at maintenance, have gone from a size 16 to an 8, and will NEVER again need bigger clothes. I'm too old to keep doing that to myself. Saving those clothes for the future means you don't seriously think you won't gain the weight back.
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    I kept mine last time because I wanted to be pregnant again. This time I'll either take them in (I have a sewing machine) or pass them on (charity shops for the good ones and clothes recycling for the rest). Hopefully having no clothes will help keep me slender because I hate to waste money!
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    Hmmm... following...

    I personally go back and forth on this. I have a HUGE bag of clothes that are way too big for me, but I'm not giving them away yet. I have lost a good amount of weight but I still have more to lose. Part of me is "keeping them" so that I can give them all away when I hit my goal. Kind of as a final step that says "I am done with this life"/motivation to never get back there again.

    The other part of me wants to give them away now because I'm excited and because I really hate staring at the reminder of my poor choices every time I step into my closet.

    Sorry that's not exactly an answer, but I can understand where you're coming from.
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    I keep one size up for fat/bloated days. Everything else goes bye bye.

    When I first lost weight I put several bags of clothes on Craigslist with a post that said "My loss is your gain." A woman who was also losing weight came and I gave them all to her for free. I made no money off of it but it was awesome to see all of my bigger clothes go away.
  • karyl19
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    Today I donated 2 bags of clothing to the Salvation Army; one was all the things that have become too big for me (after 85 lbs loss) -However the other bag was of my "small clothes" that I have saved for years as I was gradually gaining - saying that I would eventually lose weight - now that I am (and still have more to go) - I realized I don't want these "old skinny clothes" - they are a reminder of years of promises that I didn't keep... I plan to start new and not look back... no back up "fat clothes" or "memories of the past".
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    I've been through about 5 wardrobes the last 2.5 years! Basically I got rid of stuff when I ran out of space in my closet, to make room for stuff that I could wear. Sometimes I found myself hanging onto something because i "liked" it even though it was hopelessly too big to wear. If I could find something similar in my current size, that helped to let go. Nearly everything came from Goodwill & was donated back there. I as much do glad to be able to keep my clothes now!
  • jennybearlv
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    Every time something starts looking ridiculous on me I toss it to the top shelf in my closet. I plan on taking them to the thrift shop sooner rather than later because that shelf is getting full. Whether I was gaining or losing I've never kept clothes that didn't fit me. I'm not a fan of storage in general. Unless it's sentimental, like my wedding dress, why keep it? There are always more clothes in the shops and currently fashionable ones at that.
  • ashcky
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    I'm going to keep a pair of pants for progress pictures and a reminder but I plan on donating everything within the next month. It's a goal for 2017 to get rid of all clothes unable to be worn!
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    A friend once told me, toss all the cloths that are too big and buy cloths that fit. This way, if you start to gain again you will notice right away AND the motivation to continue fitting into those cloths will be ever present.

    My weight loss has cost me several thousands of dollars in cloths! Who would have guessed... :smile:
  • onward1
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    I got rid of them as soon as they got too big. I had so much fun buying new stuff. Best thing I could have done because I'm back for a "tune-up", I've slowly let some weight creep on and only have a few pairs of pants that fit comfortably. That's a wake up call. I refuse, absolutely refuse, to buy anything larger. If you don't have anything larger to wear you'll have to make a choice, get back on track or go out and start buying larger sizes.
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    Save the outfit used for your first progress pic, and retake pics in it every few months, or when you're done!fwe08lzprflq.jpg
  • kathleennf
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    Gave some too big clothes to family members who were interested, gave rest to goodwill. Funny thing, as a yo yo dieter, I kept some smaller sizes from 5-10 years ago that I found in the back of the closet and can now wear. Bad news is that the pants have flare legs which are not in style right now. Found a few nice dresses from years ago, changed the hemline and wore during the holidays.
  • tinamarie6624
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    I have given them all away. I had to fight my normal inclination every step of the way but I finally let go of all of those clothes and that has made me happy.