How much Calorie Deficit is too much for me?

Firstly, about me:
Im 21, male, weigh 83kg and am 5ft 10.
My goal is to get lean and have a better body.

I calculated my Macros today and found that by the end of the day, i'll have consumed:

1579 kcal
161 g protein
145 g carbs
78 g fats (healthy fats)

I will have also walked to the gym (3 miles there and back) been to the gym for an hour (shoulder weights day) and had american football training for 2 hours (involving HIIT for parts of it)

My question is - Is my calorie intake way too low? I want to lose fat but I dont want to completely destroy my muscles. I estimate that i'll have burnt 3000 calories by the end of the day, so its a pretty big deficit of about 1500 cal.
Should I eat more to stop myself losing muscle?

Remember - i've had plenty of protein today (161g) and have been working out, so hopefully I shouldn't lose much muscle - I hope!

P.s I also take BCAA's after workout.


  • williams969
    williams969 Posts: 2,528 Member
    Your macros add up to 1926 calories. Even at 1900, if your total calories burned is 3000, that's a mighty steep deficit.